Friday, May 23, 2008

Ok seriously...I am alive

Again, my appologies for not keeping this thing more current...cross my heart I will do better!!

So yesterday was the last day of school, oh help me! Since I work from home, it's going to be a challenging summer but I've already laid out some ground rules for the kiddos.

Kyler's baseball games have started, they are 3-1 so far. They had their first loss last night but only by one run and it was an awesome game!!

I have started redoing Miranda's bathroom. As some of you may know the story, when I looked at my house the room was being used as a storage room/closet looking thing. Well when I took possesion and all the stuff was out, I realized it was stubbed for a bathroom! So I have taken down the layers of nasty paneling board and started to tear out the gross linoleum floor. I have the toilet and sink purchased, now just to get it all done.

As you can see, they GLUED the paneling up...ugh! It had layers of paint and wallpaper on it.

Ahhhh demo with a hammr and crowbar! LOVE IT!!!

Walls are off and now to tackle the floor...

Ok big mistake...floor doesn't want to play nice so I am going to just get a piece of plywood and create a new floor to put the new tile down on. UGH!!

Ahhh but it's Memorial Day weekend....3 day weekend...YES!!! No major plans other than going to a friends BBQ Saturday night which will be lots of fun I'm sure!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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