Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally...vacation time :)

In 10 short hours we will be on the road, yay!! I am so needing this time away! Let's just hope the kids don't fight the entire flippin time like they have for the past few hours tonight!!

Oh an update on the cabin, I got an email back and it says I have the one bedroom cabin so I have printed out everything I have and will gladly present it to the front desk tomorrow! Wish me luck...if they say I don't have the cabin I might just go off a tad after all!!!

I'll have my laptop so I may or may not blog along the way, it's a nice way to end the day after the kids have gone to bed.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Why is it I get an email yesterday from the resort where we are staying starting on MONDAY saying that they are overbooked and I have been moved from a one bedroom cabin to a one bedroom villa??? I didn't booked a one bedroom villa when I made my reservation over two weeks ago so again...WHY?????

Ughhhh I was SO not happy so I called the number on the email and the reservationist was so rude and was basically telling me there was nothing I could do, couldn't answer WHY my reservation got bumped or anything other than sorry, they were overbooked blah blah blah...I told her to keep it and if I could find a BETTER place I would cancel it.

I looked and looked and looked and of course now can't find anything within the same awesome price range I had gotten with this place so I was just about to bite the bullet and spend another lump of cash to upgrade to a two bedroom cabin but when I called back to do that, the reservationist said my reservation shows for a one bedroom cabin...what the heck?? LOL So I had to laugh a bit and think to myself maybe my complaining before worked??

So when I got off the phone I emailed the resort asking once again for confirmation of my one bedroom cabin reservation. I have yet to receive anything. I think I will call daily just to confirm it...hehe...I am stressing over this! I specifically booked a cabin because we love having our own little place to stay and not be in a hotel type atmosphere. Not that there is anything wrong with that but we are on vacation, we want to splurge a little bit right??? If we get there and we have a villa...yea I'll say a few words but I'm not going to be one of those insane travelers that goes off on the poor front desk person that has no control over it, I will just let it be known that I am not too happy that my reservation made over two weeks ago didn't really matter I guess. Isn't that the point of a reservation??? You RESERVE something so that nobody else can have it??? UGHH!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mother Nature

I have been complaining of the heat right? Well I was really dreading Kyler's rescheduled double header last night because it has just been so dang hot out.

As we were driving to the games, which was about 25 minutes away, I noticed it was getting really dark to the south of us. Hmm...didn't know there was going to be rain. Miranda and I dropped Kyler off at the field then went to grab drinks and snacks. As we got to the store, it started downpouring! Oops! I called Kyler and they were all in the dug out luckily.

When we got back to the field it has quit and the sky looked amazing!! Thankfully I had my camera in my purse so I snapped a couple of the clouds and then realized there was a rainbow too!

So the game stared a few minutes late and we watched the darkness go from the the the north then it started just creeping in closer.

The decided to call the game in about the 5th inning of the first game (great another make up game!!). I took a couple more pictures right before we left.

It rained a little bit on the way home, nothing like what I was anticipating it to be like but check out the storm cloud line that we drove with the whole way. It was bright and sunny under that dark cloud line!!

Crazy Kansas weather! It's nice and hot again today! Go figure!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Lordy, it is SO flippin hot here!! I mean nasty hot!

Kyler had a game last night from 6-8 (another win!!), I had sweat just running down my back the entire time. Then when I got home I figured since I was already nasty I would go ahead and mow. So even at 8:30-9:30 at night, I was literally drenched with sweat like I had walked through a sprinkler!!

Right now the temperature is 96 but it feels like 106. Seriously. Ugh! Both kids are off enjoying the water. Miranda is at the pool and Kyler is at the lake. I am going to head to the pool as soon as I am done with work today. The pool is open till 8:00 and even the short time I will be able to enjoy it will be SO worth it!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Fantastic Weekend!!

This was probably the funnest weekend I have had in such a long time!!

Friday night I went and met some friends from high school. One of my friend's father had passed away so they had a military funeral at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for him Friday morning. Paul and his wife Stacey came down from Iowa. Amy and her husband Brett came down from Nebraska. I wasn't able to go to the funeral but met up with everyone that evening. Here is a picture of Brett, Amy, Jill and I. It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone.

Saturday was a day of baseball. Kyler had a tournament out of town, about an hour away. The whole way there it was raining like crazy but it had let up by the time I got there. Our first game was to be at 12:30 but the games were running behind so we actually didn't get started until 1:15. We won the first game 3-2, Kyler had a killer game! 2 hits, 4 stolen bases, scored 1 run and had an awesome catch!!!

The next game was to be at 3:30 but of course didn't get started until probably 4:45. We won the second game 4-2!! So now we would be playing in the championship game!! The bad news was...there was still 2 games to be played before the championship game...ugh! There was 3 teams from the town we were in and 3 teams from our town in the tournament. Two of our teams ending up playing in the championship haha!!

The game for 5th/6th place finally got started and ended fairly quickly it seemed so then I was watching the game for 3rd/4th place because I wanted to see our town's team play. It was about 9pm and all of a sudden the stadium lights went off. It was just dark enough you could see but couldn't play. It took about 20 minutes for them to finally come back on so then they started playing again. Then about an hour later...boom the lights went off again and it was pitch black! Miranda was no where to be found, she was off playing with friends but all of a sudden I heard 'Trish??' haha, she was smart enough to call my name and not 'Mom?'! Finally the two coaches decided to reschedule the championship until Sunday back in our town because there was no way of knowing if the lights were coming back on or not! At this point it was close to 10:30pm and our game hadn't even started!!! I didn't get home until close til midnight...zzzzz

Sunday was a lazy day. I called my Dad to tell him Happy Father's Day, did some cleaning and laundry. Then it was time to head to the championship game at 5pm. It was SO hot out!! I took my huge golf umbrella to try to make some shade. It helped but I was still so sweaty! Yuk!! It was a really good game but yes...we ended up winning 8-3!!! Kyler's team is still undefeated! He was so excited too! We've got a game tonight and a double header Wednesday night.

I just hope this week goes by fast because we leave for vacation next Monday!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship With The Gym

I have been a good girl and hitting the gym again. Was kinda rough there for a few weeks after school got out, I wasn't too thrilled at the thought of having to set my alarm to go work out. But now my friend Jen is going so we are trying to be accountable for each other! I was pleasantly surprised though when I weighed myself for the first time since my 'break', I had only gained 3/4 of a pound! Then I weighed myself today and I had lost 2.25 pounds! GO ME!!! That puts me at 12.5 pound loss and now 5 pounds away from my goal weight. I'm not killing myself to get there but it feels good to be that close. I have started looking into more 5k races and of course, still have the 1/2 marathon in October. My goal right now is to keep consistent in going to the gym throughout the summer!! Baby steps right?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Wowza did we have a storm last night! Knocked out my power for just a bit but my cable/internet was out till about noon today. I shouldn't complain, some friends are still without power...that would suck. The ball fields were Kyler has been playing are completely flooded but yet they haven't called the game for tonight off ok?

I did take yesterday off of work and spent the day at the pool with the kids, it was a perfect day! Mama got some great sun! It was nice to have a day off, got some good relaxation in. The storm didn't start until about 10pm luckily.

I had a fantastic weekend too! Saturday night went to my friend's birthday party. Sunday went to dinner and watched a movie with a friend. Overall, was really good :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Good and The Bad

A couple of good and bad things happened today -

Kyler won his game tonight, 6-1 so now they are undefeated!! We don't have an out of town game Sunday after all which means I didn't have to cancel our Omaha trip...grrrr!! We can't reschedule it because now my friends son has already said he will play in his baseball games which he was going to skip.

Found out today that my dad is going to meet us in Branson for one night during our vacation!! That's awesome news but the reason he is doing that is because he is going to be going to Iowa (from Arkansas) to see my grandma and that will be a stop along the way. I guess my grandma is kinda going downhill that's not such good news. I hope nothing happens while we are in Branson.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation booked!!!!


Sorry just a TAD bit excited!!! I finally got a cabin booked! I kept going back to this one resort but it was pricy. I guess I hadn't looked before at their specials so when I did this morning, I was quite excited to see they were running one where if you paid for 3 nights, you got a 4th night free!!! When I calculated that out, the cabin I wanted became cheaper than any other I had looked at!! It has a full kitchen so we can hit Wal-Mart when we get there and stock up on food which will save us more money!

We will be leaving to drive there Monday morning, June 29th and then returning home Friday, July 3rd (just in time to have a fun holiday weekend back at home with friends). That gives us 3 full days and 2 half days to hang out.

I am going to purchase a 3 Day, 2 Park Splash & Play Admission for Silver Dollar City and White Water so that we can come and go as we please at the two parks. There is a killer go cart place that Jess said is a must that we go to. Not to mention all of the other crazy fun places in Branson.

I am so excited to have a full week off work too...that alone is awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm tired from work, sports, people, stress, etc...etc...etc....but I'm hanging in there.

I am sad, I was supposed to take the kids to Omaha this weekend to meet one of my dearest friends Rhonda, and her kiddos. We were going to stay at a hotel with a killer water park too. But...sigh...had to cancel it because both of our boys ended up having rescheduled ball games for Sunday so no go on the trip. Sad me...I miss her. She's been such a good friend to me since 1989 when I met her. We really need girl time, she's been going through a lot, as I have, and it would've been nice to just sit and talk with her. Oh well...we will get it planned again soon.

I have Monday off of work (had it scheduled for the above mentioned lil trip) and I am going to keep it. I thought about cancelling the vacation day but eh, screw it...I'll keep it and head to the pool with the kids. That is if the weather is ok. We've had crappy rainy days almost this whole week!! If the weather sucks...we can hit a movie or something else.

My goal this weekend is to get our Branson vacation booked. I have been on brain overload looking at all of the various places to stay. The kids LOVED the cabin that we stayed in last October in Estes Park so I am really leaning towards another cabin in Branson. The problem is...there is a gabillion to choose from in every shape and price! Ughhh, I just need to pick ONE! haha! It's either that or I go with a hotel. There's even more hotels to choose from but there are some with water parks, some with killer pools, some with nice ass rooms...choices dammit LOL

I think I've said this in previous posts...mama needs a vacation :) Mama needs to get away from everything for at least a few days!! *sigh*

Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy but Fun Weekend

Wow, where did it go???

Kyler had his first baseball game for the season on Saturday night. They won 10-8! I love this year watching him play on the bigger field with the bigger/older kids. He is the youngest on his team and just looks so small!! He holds his own though! I didn't get any pictures of that game because they played on the scrimmage field and there isn't really a good place to stand to get any shots but it was only the first game, I've got time :)

Miranda celebrated her birthday with friends on Sunday. With everybody always so busy between sports/dance/vacations etc...we decided to do a birthday brunch...

Followed by some fun times on the trampoline...

Goofy times in the car...

An afternoon of rollerskating...

Finished off with a stop at Dairy Queen...

Oh it actually didn't stop there, they all went swimming when we got home but I stayed home :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy busy busy

Lordy where do my days's summer right? Thought it was supposed to slow down...ugh!!

Miranda is in volleyball camp this week, every day from 1:30-3:00. So I'm running her to and from. Then of course she wants to go to the pool so add that to and from. Kyler comes and goes through out the day, he doesn't need mom to drive him anywhere...whew.

Well except for today. I have to take him to the doc's. He's gotten into poison ivy or poison oak over at his dad's house. It's all down his leg and arm. He's had it before but of course they can't just call in a script, gotta take him in!! So add that into my afternoon.

Somewhere between all this I have to be working. I've been able to keep up and also do some work in the evenings which is no big deal.

Mama needs a day off :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Miranda!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Miranda. I can't believe she is 10 years old today, where in the world has the time gone???

Here are some cute pictures of her over the years. I could've posted a TON so I was good :)

Miranda and Kyler, Arkansas 2008

Christmas picture for 2005
Miranda's preschool graduation

Miranda on her 3rd birthday
Christmas 2001 - Miranda 2, Kyler 5