Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy beginning of the day.....

So I go to the gym this morning and weigh for the heck of it. I'm down 2 lbs from Tuesday's weigh in. Crazy isn't it??? Ah well let's hope it stays off until next week's weigh in right!?!?

I get home from the gym to find out I have another bird in my basement! UGH! This happened oh about a month or so ago. Little sucker got down my old chimney into the basement. Thankfully Randy saved the day again and go it out for me. Next time he can get a big ladder, I'm going to secure the screen over the chimney open better so this won't happen again!! Dumb birds!

I'm SO excited though! Mike, Patty, Justin and Nick will be here tomorrow afternoon!!! I'm going to try to get the kiddos out of school early but they both have state assesment tests this week so I'm not sure if that will work or not. If not, we have the rest of the weekend together. Did I mention before I want to get some good family pictures? Well I do, I don't want the normal 'ok everyone let's get together for a quick shot', I want to go to a park and have some nice ones taken. I bought a nice camera last year so I think I can get some good shots. I think both my parents would like a nice shot of all the grandkids.

It's only 9:30 am....I wonder what other crazy things are going to happen today? Is it a full moon or something? haha

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Week 3 Challenge Update

Eh....I lost a 1/2 pound and Tina lost 1 pound. We heard the highest lost was 3 pounds for the week....quite the drop from previous weeks but that's to be expected.

For week 1 - total group loss was 156 pounds
For week 2 - total group loss was 101 pounds
For week 3 - total group loss was 42 pounds

Pretty amazing I think!!!

I'm down a total of 8.5 lbs though, of course not enough in my eyes but I gotta be patient right????

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just a little house decorating

So I've had this long wall and nothing to put on it since I bought my house last July. I finally found these canvas pictures that have all the colors in my living room in them so I splurged and got them!!!
Here's the wall now!!

Just for your viewing pleasure, here is a shot of the room facing the other direction.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ahhhh Spring has sprung

The kiddos and I had a fantastic weekend!

Friday night we went to a couple different malls to what I thought was to window shop, needless to say we shopped. Both kids ended up getting new shoes and some shirts.

Saturday we got up early and road tripped it about an hour to Jess's new house. It was beautiful and I'm so happy for her and Brad! We got to meet Miss Molly who wasn't too sure about us at first but as you can see from the picture, she warmed up to Miranda since we brought her treats.

After we left their house, we went roller skating. The kids and I love to do that and used to go at least once a month. It's good exercise and the kids have a blast. I'm realizing my son is 'cute' in little girls eyes. His sweatshirt has his name on the back of it and we weren't there that long before these two girls were liking him and whenever he'd go by, they'd yell 'KYLER SHE LIKES YOU' and point to each other. Poor kid LOL After skating the kids were still wanting to do something so I caved and we went to see a movie. They love Will Ferrell as much as I do so we picked 'Semi Pro'. I didn't realize it was rated R until after I promised we'd see that it. Sheesh LOTS of language and adult content....oops, my bad!!! Won't be making that mistake again!! Finally we headed home, poor Kasey was crossing her little legs since she'd been inside all day!

Sunday was Easter and we really didn't have any plans. We didn't go anywhere for lunch/dinner with family. Just kinda had a day to ourselfs. For some reason I got the spring cleaning bug. I cleaned my house from top to bottom, better than I ever had before. I rearranged both kids rooms and now their rooms seem so much bigger. I cleaned out closets and am throwing out so much stuff that I don't need/want anymore. It took all day long but I'm glad I did it. Miranda needed more drawer space so I decided to move one of my dressers into her room so that meant taking all my stuff out of the drawers and rearranging everything in my other dresser so that it could all fit. It didn't take her long to fill up her new drawers. She loves how her room is done now. Kyler could care less either way haha, just as long as his TV and iPod docking station work....oh and that there is a free plug in for his phone charger!

Kids went back to school today, I think they are ready to see their friends and I know I'm ready to quit spending so much money on them!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Whew....long week!

Can I just say....TGIF???

It was spring break for my kiddos this week and since I work from home, well you can see where I am going with this. Monday it rained ALL day and they were getting stir crazy. I felt so bad for them!! Tuesday was better, they got to get out and play with friends. Kyler decided he wanted to go spend the week with Grandma Rose so he left Tuesday night. Miranda went to her dad's on Wednesday so it really wasn't too horrible I guess. I get both kiddos back today. It's funny, when they are here and driving me nuts all I want is a day alone but the second they leave, I miss the little turds!!!

We don't really have any plans that I know of other than road trippin up to see Jess and Brad's new house! I can't wait to see it! Plus I can't wait to finally meet Miss Molly Pie herself, the cute lil fur ball!!!

I'm a little sore today from my session with Jill, my trainer, last night. I did learn one valuable lesson though....NEVER tell your trainer you weren't sore from the previous weeks session and NEVER tell your trainer you thought about skipping that day's session cuz you were in a crappy mood. She kinda worked us over good whew! Felt good though!

I'm SO excited for next weekend! My brother Mike, sister in law Patty, and my two nephews Justin and Nick are coming from Colorado for a visit!! I just saw them last November when I went out to go see the Broncos play the Titans for a Monday Night Football game (awesome let me tell you!!!!) but the kiddos haven't seen them since Turkey Day in 2005 so that will be alot of fun!!!
The cute family!

Gotta love TRUE BRONCO FANS!!!

The weather is so's already 57 degrees, I can't wait til it's warm every day!!! I've been getting out and walking with Kasey and she loves it!! It's good for her too as well duh, good for moi!

Until next post.....have a great day!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maxximum Challenge Update for Week 2

Just a quickie blog...

We weighed in today. Tina lost 2 lbs yay!! I didn't do so hot, I didn't lose but I didn't gain frustrating! UGH!

We did the challenge workout tonight and wow....kicked our butts!! I wonder how sore I will be tomorrow???

No pain no gain though!!

My Fur Children

Ahh my sweet Bailey...this is going to be a hard blog to write but I wanted to pay a little tribute to her.

I had been married about a year and we decided we weren't quite ready for kids so we did what every other young couple does and got a dog. It was the summer of 1995 and we were living in Lee's Summit at the time and went to the local shelter and found a kennel that had two puppies in it. The male was very aggressive and barking while the female was shy and timid in the back of the kennel. I asked to get the female out and fell in love with her. They believed she was about 2 months old. We took her home and she slept on my lap for hours. She had been picked up off the street, along with her brother. We named her Kasey and she looked just like a mini lab at first. We had her about a month and decided to get her a friend because two dogs are better than one right?? We looked again at the local shelter but didn't find anything so we went over to Animal Haven in Shawnee. As I was walking around, I came up to the most adorable 2 month old puppy who the second she saw us, flipped over on her back as if to say PET MEEEEEEEEEE. She was the sweetest little puppy. I asked what the story was with her and she had just that morning been brought in by a family who was moving and couldn't keep her anymore. She instantly became the dog for us! I remember bringing her home and putting her in the yard with Kasey and poor Kasey just took off running from her!!

Fast forward a year to April of 1996 when my son Kyler was born. Both Kasey and Bailey licked him like crazy when we brought him home. They were such good 'baby monitors' as well, one little sound from him and they would make sure I knew about it! Never once was I ever concerned with having a baby and two dogs.

Press FF again to another 3 years to June of 1999 when my daughter Miranda was born. The dogs AND Kyler all became my 'baby monitors' for her. Again, no worries about them. Now big brother picking on her was another worry of mine but that didn't happen for a few more years. He actually kinda liked her at this age LOL

I got divorced in the fall of 2000 and moved out of the dream house I had built with my ex-husband *sigh* but then again, it was just a house right? Better to move on and be happy then to stay and be miserable....anyways, that's another blog for another time. The place I moved into wasn't too pet friendly. I could have kept them but would've had to pay so much to have them there and it didn't have a yard or anything so my ex-mother in law offered to doggy sit for a whole year for me!! God love her! Kasey and Bailey went to live with her and accepted the change well I think. They had a yard and someone to love them, what more could a dog ask for!?!

Finally a year later I moved into a place I could have the pooches back at. It was great having my furry kids back!! All was going well till spring of 2006 when Bailey started to get really sick and weak. She could barely walk and get around, I was freaking out that this was the end for her because in reality, she was 11 yrs old and that's a pretty good lifetime for a doggie. I was going out of town for Memorial Day and so I knew I had to get her into the vet asap. I took her in and had to make a decision to put her down or go for it and spend the money to figure out what is wrong. I couldn't give up that easy so I gave them the go ahead. They ran a ton of tests and blood work....long story short...she was diagnosed with Diabetes. Of course that meant I had to make the decision to put forth the time and effort to get her healthy again. She's my baby so I accepted. From that point on, I had to give her two shots of insulin a day. That's a pretty big commitment of time and money to devote to her but again, she's my baby so I did it. Within a short time she bounced back to the Bailey I knew. Thank god!

Having Diabetes really aged my poor girl. Over the past two years, she slowed down little by little, I could tell she was loosing her hearing and was getting cataracts with the disease. A few weeks ago she was really acting weird over a period of days. She was wandering around, panting, couldn't get comfortable, throwing up bile, and would just look lost so to say. I called the vet and he suggested bringing her in so Miranda and I took her in that day. The vet said she wasn't looking too good and that the disease had wore her out pretty good. He told me I was probably going to have to make a decision I didn't want to make or that we could run a bunch of tests to see what's wrong but I could see it in his face what the right decision was to make. I asked how soon I needed to make a decision and he said that was really up to me and that he could give her pain meds to help her out. I knew I couldnt take her home and then take her back again, that would pain me too much. I asked if I could please leave her for a few minutes to go get Kyler so that he could say his goodbyes as well. When we got back, the three of us went in as a family to talk to her and tell her how much we loved her. We were there through the very end as well. It was SO awful leaving her behind but I knew it was the thing to do. She had 13 years of love with us and actually the last 2 were bonus years in my eyes.

Poor Kasey was lost for a few days, she's never been alone like that. She's always been my dog, always with me where ever I was in the house she was there too. Now it's even more apparent how close she is to me. The first few days were rough, she wasn't eating and she was getting sick alot but she's better now, as we all are.

We miss our Bailey so much but we realize she's no longer in pain and won't get scared when it thunders and rains anymore.

Bailey - Sept 2007

Kasey - Sept 2007

My Fur Babies - Dec 2007

Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's Get Physical

Well I thought I would blog about my strive to get into shape and be healthier.

As everyone probably does, come the first of every year we jump on the bandwagon of working out right? Then come February or March…I’m done for whatever reason that year. It’s usually mid February for me because that’s when my birthday is. I usually drink bad and eat bad. You are supposed to for your birthday right??

Well this summer is my 20 year reunion so that is my motivation! My goal is to lose about 35 pounds by July 1st. I joined a gym mid January with a friend of mine, Tina and her husband. We had talked about doing it the prior year but of course never got around to it. I work from home now so I have more flexibility in my schedule so I thought this would be a great time to do it and no excuses!

What I have been doing is getting the kids off to school in the mornings then heading to the gym. I usually do 30-45 minutes on the treadmill then home to work. I had been trying to go every evening as well but that’s not always a possibility so at least I get some cardio in each morning. I have been getting frustrated because I haven’t been losing weight like I thought I would. I think I have been working out too much and not eating enough, as odd as that sounds.

I talked to my trainer a few weeks ago and she told Tina and I about a contest that one of the other trainers is going to do. It is like a Biggest Loser challenge! Teams of two will compete in an 8 week program to see who can lose the most! I know my Tina and I won't win because we really don't have THAT much weight to lose, probably 60 lbs between the two of us and I am sure there will be others there that want to lose more but I guess we will wait and see!! We picked Blue for our team color so I guess I better start researching how Trainer Bob from the Biggest Loser show trains so I can support his blue team LOL

The contest started on March 4th and will run through April 29th. There are 26 teams of 2!! We weigh in once a week (either on Monday or Tuesday). The challenge workout class is on Tuesday nights. They are not posting pounds lost but percentage lost. For week 1, I lost 4.5 lbs and Tina lost 1.5 lbs. We weren’t the biggest loser for the week but we were at the higher end, there were lots of teams who lost a smaller percentage than us. We found out there was a 156 lbs total weight loss for everyone in week one. That is pretty amazing!!

Tina and I are meeting with a trainer every Thursday night as well. We've had some great and painful workouts but it's so worth it. I can't wait to see the end results!!! I hope I achieve my goal but if not, I've lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks and I'm really happy with what I've seen so far....just gotta keep on it and keep moving forward. I am kind of additcted to working out now which is a good thing. If I miss a day, I feel guilty. I'm not obsessed with it but I do have it in my routine and try to make it a daily task!

Welcome to ME

Ok folks, this is my first blog under this forum. I have been blogging my exerise journey on another site so for now I think I'll be doing it here as well as there. Here's a cute picture of my kiddos!