Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Its the neverending bathroom remodel

Ugh I swear, this is taking FOREVER!!!! So the purty pictures I posted a week ago well...they look about the same. Last week the walls got the texture treatment done on them then last Friday night I did a coat of primer. I was going around the walls, I looked back and a lot of the wall paper I couldn't scrape off before having the texture done was now happily coming off. So I had a ton to peel off which left my poor walls with huge nice smooth sections which don't play nice with the nice texture sections. Mama wasn't a happy girl...ugh. Not only that but I thought the texture would help cover the lovely black glue goop that was on the lower half of the walls, well of course, that didn't work out for me either. Back to the original plan I go....I'm going to put up white beadboard around the lower portion and just paint the upper portion. My friend was nice enough to come back and do a second texture on the walls so now they look the way they were supposed to!!! I am going to buy the paint within the next couple days and get that done then also hopefully get the plywood floor down this weekend. Wish me luck!!!

Pretty primer LOL

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