Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week 4 Challenge Update

Not too shabby of a week for us! I lost 2.5 lbs and Tina lost 2!!

When I hit the gym this morning, the group totals hadn't been updated. I'm so curious how we did percentage wise this week since we both had a good week!!

The challenge class last night was actually enjoyable! Usually the trainer has us work the same part of the body in sets of threes. So we'd repeat the same 2-3 moves for 3 sets. That gets boring, especially if say your doing lunges and you hate lunges, knowing you have to do 2 more sets after that first painful set really sucks!!!

Well last night we did things for 1 minute each. So for example, we did push ups for 1 minute, then we'd do left leg lunges for 1 minute, then right leg lunges for 1 minute...are you getting the picture? The best part of it was that we didn't repeat anything!!! Once we suffered through that 1 minute, we were done!!! I think the worst one was when we had to do a squat against the wall and hold it for that horrific 60 seconds. So picture yourself going to sit down in a chair against a wall, but yet that chair wasn't there....can you say oh my lord my thighs are going to burn off??? Whew!!!

Ok and another note, I'm kinda diggin the elliptical finally. I used to curse that damn thing but now I can get on it and knock out 30 minutes no problem. I'm pretty proud of myself for that!!! It's good to change up the cardio routine! I'm just waiting for spring so I can get outside! I'd love to actually be able to run at some point. I've never been much of a runner but would like to work myself up to do that. Baby steps right????

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