Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

Well so far so good....nobody has 'fooled' me yet!!!

Had a fantastic weekend with the family! My oldest nephew Justin wasn't able to make it because he couldn't get the time off work so we were bummed about that. Mike, Patty and Nick got to my house about 1pm on Friday afternoon. I had gotten Kyler out of school early that day but Miranda had state assesment tests so she couldn't. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at El Tapitio, the BEST mexican place in town. Then the boys all hung out while Patty and I ran to get Miranda and then get her hair cut. Friday night we headed up to Grandma Patti's. Had a huge sketti dinner and just visited.

Saturday we decided to go to Zonkers which is an indoor amusement park in a way. There are a few rides then a gazillion token machines to feed your money into just to get a plastic toy for 123870928347213 tickets. haha! Well not THAT bad but you know what I mean. Nick had a blast riding everything. Here are some pictures!

Saturday night we had a big steak dinner at Grandma's....YUM! Then sadly they had to leave Sunday morning but like I said, we had a great time just hanging out!!! It's always good to see them! I'm hoping to take the kiddos out to Colorado for a visit this summer!!!

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Brad & Jess said...

awe! such a cute little family! :)

I love roopoo's hair, so cute.

your such a skinny bitch, ugh.