Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday blahhhhhs

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I sure did :)

Saturday night ended up being so much fun! We started at the Irish Festival and then my date...ok ok ok he has a name, it is Greg, we went and hit another couple of bars before heading home. Jess has some pictures on her blog so you can see him too LOL She calls him 'George'.

Sunday I was a complete bum!

Today is work and get through ALL my laundry so I can get it packed up. Kyler has a game at 4pm even though they don't have school because of the holiday. Weird I know!!


Tabitha Blue said...

Hope the date was fun!!! Ok, so that's who "George" is. LOL Nice, know I can 'see' who you're talking about! Happy Monday :)


FatGirlsSkinny said...

LOL @ George.

Mental Note#1: You can pee and flush the toilet when the powers off.

Mental Note#2: Check ceiling above you before gossiping about dates. hehehehe

Wep said...

Aww he's handsome :)

Katie said...

very nice. :)

so when's the next date??

~Trish~ said...

Ahhh next date won't be until the 23rd after I'm back from vacation and we are both kid free :(

wendy said...

Glad you had a fun weekend. "George" is a cutie. :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Greg, George -- both are so alike. ;) Can't wait for the details on the date. :)

I have not only the MOnday blahs, but the laundry blahs!! Just got back in town....laundry EVERYWHERE! lol


Anonymous said...

"Talk to me goose"? Are you a Top Gun fan?

Irish bars are fun aren't they?

Anonymous said...

George looks pretty good! I'm glad you all had a good time!!!

Have a super time on your vacation!!!! Can't wait to hear all about that!!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh - he IS a cutie!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Hey Stranger! Sorry I've been reading up on all your "Adventures" but I haven't had time to comment! So I stopped by and had to check out "George"...You are such a PLAYA...LOL!

Glad you had fun! Hope Kyler kids don't get Columbus day off, I wont tell them yours did cuz I hate to listen to their complaining.

Can't wait to hear about the next date, all of us married women live vicariously through your love life so don't hold out on us!Hahahaha

mine, by magpie said...

oooh- sounds like you have a little romance starting, girlie...haha!!!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Hi there! Its nice to meet you! I found you thru SITS :D
I'm from Canada and we had Thanksgiving yesterday so I'm pretty stuffed still and taking it easy this morning!