Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

Holy cow...that was my yard last night. It was SOOOO overgrown and huge!!

We have gotten so much rain here, I couldn't have mowed even if I had wanted to! Well Friday it was nice so I went through my yard and picked up all the sticks and such (big old trees don't make me happy when they drop their branches on my yard) and then I got my mower out, filled it up with gas, primed it...pull start...pull start...pull three times....FLING the cord split in two and came completly off the mower. Ooops, I guess the work outs have been paying off and I don't know my own strength! Crap...I wasn't happy then and wasn't about to run and go buy another mower. No I waited until last night to do that LOL It rained most of the weekend and through Monday so last night was the first nice night so I sucked it up and bought a new mower. Yes I know, for all of you out there saying I could've had it fixed, it was an old mower that had been given to me and it was a push mower. I wanted a self propelled anyways so that's what I bought. I put it all together, got the oil and gas in it, primed it and wala it started on the first try! Damn I'm good! An hour later my yard looks a hell of a lot better!!! I still have so much work to do on it though, I need to seed and I need to pull weeds and...and...and the list goes on. I am going to show Kyler how to mow so he can start doing it this year but honestly, I like mowing so I may keep that job for myself.

Speaking of working out, I have changed up my workout routine and I kinda dig it. I was on this cardio kick where I would do at least two miles on the treadmill each day. I stopped losing weight though so I thougth I better switch it up. So now on M-W-F I still do my two miles but on Tu-Th I do one mile and then I do circuit training on all the weight machines. I can totally feel a change, I am sore again which I haven't felt in forever and it's a great feeling!! I weighed today and had lost a pound from last week, hey it's improvement. So now I am down 9.5 lbs since January and am at my lowest so far this year. I have lost a lot of inches though! I have my weight log from last year when I worked so hard between Jan and May and when I looked back this morning, the entry for 4/29/08 was my lowest weight entry for last year. Kinda crazy it is on the exact same day! I am still 6.5 lbs heavier than I was at this point last year but I'm getting there. The difference will be, I stopped working out mid May last year and this year I won't stop :)


saratogajean said...

I love mowing. I think it's the smell of cut grass and the immediacy of the results.

Is immediacy a word?

PorkStar said...

I don't have anything to mow at, but I certainly high five you on the gym. I myself am going back for the first time this year tonight. I gained ten pounds the last month (woo hoo) so now i have to distribute it evenly... and im going to be sore for sure tomorrow.

Keep up the good work out.!

Tooj said...

We have our 11 year old should totally get Kyle learning it. :) You can always take turns, but it'll give you some time to do ANOTHER task...and then, that means more time for working out, tv, eating ice cream, watching LOL