Monday, May 4, 2009


Hideho neighbors :)

Just wanted to do a quick blog, don't have much time to sit here tonight. The last week has been crazy, lots of emotions and brain farts but you know what, it's all gonna be ok right? RIGHT!

I had a fun fun weekend. Friday was happy hour with some friends I hadn't seen in years, that was so cool to catch up with them. Then I took off for Iowa. Remember the boy that broke my heart? Well we had some good face to face time and things are looking up. We are going to work through our trouble spots and give this thing a go again. I can honestly say I slept peaceful last night, the first time in about the past 2-3 weeks. Also it feels good to not cry daily too. I know, it kicked my butt but my butt is happy happy now.

My 5k is coming up on Sunday. Tina and I just got back from doing 3 miles at the track. I already had done 2 miles at the gym this morning. Ahhh feels so good to walk outside!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend :)

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Ashley said...

Yay for happy <3s! And post pictures of your 5k lady!