Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Nothing much is going on here...just busy busy with work, school and practices so I thought I'd just post a couple pictures of Miranda rockin' her tutu that my mom made her.

Tutus are very big all of a sudden so Miranda emailed my mom asking if she could make her one. Within a couple days she had it and loves it! We are going to have her make on in yellow and black which are our school colors.

Oh and check the hair out...who remembers braiding your hair in tons of braids then sleeping in it so that you could have wild crazy hair the next day?? Yup...we did that too!


wendy said...

Cute! So kids just wear tutus over their clothes? No one is doing that here yet (that I have noticed). But then again, the shoes that were all the rage where we used to live (the Rainbow sandals) don't even exist here!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Isn't it funny the different styles that come in...think 80's Aqua Net hair do's. Our kids are gonna look back and laugh at themselves like we do.

She looks cute though!!

Elijah wore a vest over a t-shirt. More of a NY look but he's trying to bring it to our surfing town, not sure it's gonna go over very big, LOL.

Aleta said...

Tutos over jeans? I'm so out of it. I feel like I'm about to turn 80 instead of just 40. Lol. Cute pictures though!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Okay Trish...didn't want to disappoint you so I added some pics just to gross you out!LOL!

Tooj said...

And soon the crimp iron will be back. EGAD. :) Tutus are in? Really? I'm so glad I don't have a girl!