Friday, March 21, 2008

Whew....long week!

Can I just say....TGIF???

It was spring break for my kiddos this week and since I work from home, well you can see where I am going with this. Monday it rained ALL day and they were getting stir crazy. I felt so bad for them!! Tuesday was better, they got to get out and play with friends. Kyler decided he wanted to go spend the week with Grandma Rose so he left Tuesday night. Miranda went to her dad's on Wednesday so it really wasn't too horrible I guess. I get both kiddos back today. It's funny, when they are here and driving me nuts all I want is a day alone but the second they leave, I miss the little turds!!!

We don't really have any plans that I know of other than road trippin up to see Jess and Brad's new house! I can't wait to see it! Plus I can't wait to finally meet Miss Molly Pie herself, the cute lil fur ball!!!

I'm a little sore today from my session with Jill, my trainer, last night. I did learn one valuable lesson though....NEVER tell your trainer you weren't sore from the previous weeks session and NEVER tell your trainer you thought about skipping that day's session cuz you were in a crappy mood. She kinda worked us over good whew! Felt good though!

I'm SO excited for next weekend! My brother Mike, sister in law Patty, and my two nephews Justin and Nick are coming from Colorado for a visit!! I just saw them last November when I went out to go see the Broncos play the Titans for a Monday Night Football game (awesome let me tell you!!!!) but the kiddos haven't seen them since Turkey Day in 2005 so that will be alot of fun!!!
The cute family!

Gotta love TRUE BRONCO FANS!!!

The weather is so's already 57 degrees, I can't wait til it's warm every day!!! I've been getting out and walking with Kasey and she loves it!! It's good for her too as well duh, good for moi!

Until next post.....have a great day!!!

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