Monday, March 24, 2008

Ahhhh Spring has sprung

The kiddos and I had a fantastic weekend!

Friday night we went to a couple different malls to what I thought was to window shop, needless to say we shopped. Both kids ended up getting new shoes and some shirts.

Saturday we got up early and road tripped it about an hour to Jess's new house. It was beautiful and I'm so happy for her and Brad! We got to meet Miss Molly who wasn't too sure about us at first but as you can see from the picture, she warmed up to Miranda since we brought her treats.

After we left their house, we went roller skating. The kids and I love to do that and used to go at least once a month. It's good exercise and the kids have a blast. I'm realizing my son is 'cute' in little girls eyes. His sweatshirt has his name on the back of it and we weren't there that long before these two girls were liking him and whenever he'd go by, they'd yell 'KYLER SHE LIKES YOU' and point to each other. Poor kid LOL After skating the kids were still wanting to do something so I caved and we went to see a movie. They love Will Ferrell as much as I do so we picked 'Semi Pro'. I didn't realize it was rated R until after I promised we'd see that it. Sheesh LOTS of language and adult content....oops, my bad!!! Won't be making that mistake again!! Finally we headed home, poor Kasey was crossing her little legs since she'd been inside all day!

Sunday was Easter and we really didn't have any plans. We didn't go anywhere for lunch/dinner with family. Just kinda had a day to ourselfs. For some reason I got the spring cleaning bug. I cleaned my house from top to bottom, better than I ever had before. I rearranged both kids rooms and now their rooms seem so much bigger. I cleaned out closets and am throwing out so much stuff that I don't need/want anymore. It took all day long but I'm glad I did it. Miranda needed more drawer space so I decided to move one of my dressers into her room so that meant taking all my stuff out of the drawers and rearranging everything in my other dresser so that it could all fit. It didn't take her long to fill up her new drawers. She loves how her room is done now. Kyler could care less either way haha, just as long as his TV and iPod docking station work....oh and that there is a free plug in for his phone charger!

Kids went back to school today, I think they are ready to see their friends and I know I'm ready to quit spending so much money on them!!!!

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