Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baseball has come to an end...kinda

Last night was Kyler's last games, he had a double header to finish the season. They were undefeated going into it. The first game we were down 2-1 for the entire game but we were the home team and got to bat last. There were runners on 2nd and 3rd, two outs...Kyler got up to bat. He hit the ball, wasn't a great hit but it was hit enough he hauled his little butt to 1st base. Luckily the throw was a little wild and the first base man missed it allowing both runners to come in making the score 3-2!!! YAY Kyler!! All his teammates congratulated him!

Then the second game wasn't so good. We just couldn't pull it together and we had beaten this team two times already!! In the last inning though I thought we might have a chance because their pitcher was tired and started walking our guys one right after another. But unfortunately we didn't get enough walks allowed and ended up losing the game. Ah well one loss out of like 15+ games isn't too bad at all is it?? I'm extremely proud of Kyler!

Kyler made the All Star Team this year for the first time too!!! That team is made up of one or two players from each of the existing teams and those players are picked by the coaches so they saw Kyler's potential!!!

So the regular season is over...but All Star practice starts up tonight! Not sure when the games are yet but I'm excited to see how he does!!


Tooj said...

Your posts about him playing make me so excited for my kids to be big enough to do these things! :) I am about to sign up my 4 year old for T-ball again this year and I can't wait. Unless we get on the team coached by morons......maybe I should coach...?

Lisa Petrarca said...

Congrats to Kyler for making All Stars! Those games are so fun and exciting.

I loved your vacation pics...made me feel like I was right there too, thanks Trish, I needed a vacation. LOL!

Glad everything worked out with the cabin too.

wendy said...

Glad he's doing so well and having such a great time!

Two Blessings From Above said...

Congrats on Kyler making the All Star Team! Good luck winning that!