Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready For The Weekend

Although really not ready for all the money I am about to spend.

You got's back to school time...CHA CHING! Luckily I already have Miranda's school supplies but still have to get Kyler's.

Now I am not one of those mother's that goes out and buys a TON of new school clothes because heck, they still wear their summer stuff for the first month or two anyways right? So we usually get maybe a couple shirts and shorts and of course new shoes. THAT is where it gets expensive sheesh!! Then a couple months into the school year we will shop more.

Miranda has a cheer clinic from 10-2 on Saturday so that's probably when Kyler and I will knock out his stuff.

Other than that...we really don't have any plans, I LOVE that!!!

Oh and I finally caved and let Miranda get highlights, they turned out really cute!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


missy said...

thanks for stopping by blog too!!!!!
so you do not ride anymore!?!?!?!?!?
we love it......just with kids it is hard to fit time in for us!!!! but when we do we are all over it!!!!!
please stop back by anytime......i love company!!!!
have a great weekend......gggrrrr school shopping!!!!

Amy said...

Mine wear uniforms! Yay!

Kelli said...

Happy shopping, and I love Miranda's highlights!

Brandy said...

Her hair looks AWESOME! We don't usually buy too many clothes for school either. When the kids were younger we would buy them all new outfits but as they get older (and their sizes aren't changing as often) we just spend the money on school supplies & fees.

Then we pick up stuff as he needs it. Of course the teen has enough jeans and tshirts to start his own store anyway...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've been MIA for sooo long. I love your blog look...very nice!

I love Miranda's highlights too...I was just thinking of getting some for myself. Its not as cool when your hair is almost black who knows.

I are EXPENSIVE. Z's feet are still fat so I have to buy Stride Rites extra wide...and he keeps having growth spurts. At least he isn't in school yet so I'm not buying all the other stuff too yet. ;)

I'm gonna miss seems like it just anyway.

Tooj said...

Ah, the days of cheer clinics. :) My entire summers were spent working and cheering.