Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four Weeks Left

Can you believe that?

Only four short weeks left??

That's kiddos go back to school four weeks from today on August 12th. Is it me or doesn't that seem really early to be going back?? I looked at the school year calendar and they get out of school on May 21st which again...seems really early to be getting out of school!!

Kyler will be in 8th grade...his last year of middle school then I will have a Miranda will be in 5th grade...her last year at elementary school then she will be a middle again. The only time they will be at the same school is when Kyler is a senior and Miranda is a freshman! I already tease them about when that time comes, they will be dating each others friends hahahaha!!!

I'd love to do a short weekend away but not sure that's going to happen. Maybe I'll take them to Oceans of Fun for a day?? Maybe I'll do a day at Worlds of Fun while we are at it. I think they have a special on a two day ticket so we could do one day at each park. I'll have to some looking into this and see what I can come up with. They had so much fun at the water park and Silver Dollar City in Branson, I think they'd like that. Heck I should let them both take a friend too that way I can lay out and be lazy all day too without them wanting me to go on everything! hehe!!!

Four weeks...really?? Wow, where did the summer go???


Amy said...

I know, it flew by but I am ready...tired of hearing "I'm bored" and coming home to a mess and no food in the house...LOL!

Tooj said...

I would love to hit up WOF and/or OOF this summer...but alas, the kids are too small (well, one is anyhow) and Hubs is old and crippled for the summer. Maybe I should just take myself! :) If you go, enjoy! The Mamba is my fave.

Ashley said...

I love that the summer is flying by. The summer heat is unbearable!
We always used to get out the second week of May and go back within the first/second week of August. We always had longer vacations and more snow days compared to the school districts around us!

Madonna Cramer said...

My son goes back to school on the 12th of August too, can't believe it has gone by so fast..I need to plan a little sumthin sumthin too for an end of Summer celebration.

I came over from SITS glad to find you.

Two Blessings From Above said...

That does seem short! Mine got out June 9th and go back Sept. 8th. Our summer is going by really fast too. I just reconnected with a friend that lives in the Ozarks on a ranch and close to Branson and Silver Dollar city. She has invited me out for a visit. Her pictures on fb look so beautiful from that area. That is nice that you had such a great vacation. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Jess said...

Schlitterbahn is open!

hahah: word verification: Mollpants!