Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Like I Predicted

Mama spent some moola! But the kids got new shoes and a few clothes, all the supplies are bought and enrollment is tomorrow. Almost on the week countdown...I cannot wait!

Not only do the kids get back in a routine, I get back in my workout routine!!! I have been so sporadic this summer and really don't feel like I have benefited from it. I still am very interested in doing a 1/2 marathon in October so I need to get back on my training for that.

We did have a fantastic weekend!!! On Friday night we went to the 15 yr old All Stars game. Their tournament was in town so we figured why not go support the home team!! It was a great game, pretty much a blow out. So then they played again on Saturday and we went to that too. They were ahead the entire game til the last two innings and we ended up losing but dang, it was an intense game!!

I'm exhausted from today, seems like it was just NON stop so I am comfy on my couch watching my cheesy reality shows!



Tooj said...

Are you considering the KC mara??? A lady at work has talked me into training for the 1/2!!! We may not get to do it because our disaster recovery testing is set up for that weekend (bummer), but we might be able to work around it if we talk to our boss. If you decide to do it, LET ME KNOW. We could meet up for water at the end. Or beginning. Or midway through.

Amy said...

We are all ready to go back too! Yay!