Sunday, January 11, 2009

Basketball and FMX

Well Kyler didn't win the first game but he scored a basket and made three free throw shots. The score was 32-35, they were ahead the entire game til the last quarter...ugh!!!

Last night I took the kids to the FMX event that was here at the Sprint Center. If you like motorcycles and dirtbikes, this is the event for you. It was SO fun! We have gone before but it's always a good time. The pictures I took were all blurry since they were going so fast but I was smart and remembered I could take little videos with my camera so here are four of them!!


Amy said...

Yay for Kyler! That game was SO close!!

wendy said...

Sorry Kyler's team didn't win but glad he played well.

My kids would LOVE that FMX event! You are such a fun mom!

Nerdy Jess said...

Kyler looks awesome! i love those action shots you get.

I'm lovin' the videos--it shows us where WE will be when we SEE BRITNEY! *woots*

Brandy said...

Obviously I hadn't seen this before I tweeted you...duh.

Even though they didn't win, it sounds like he had a great game. And it was a reason to see him all dressed up. :}

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Kyler looks so awesome!!! Remember back when boys wore shortish shorts for basketball?

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

What fun! Winning isn't everything. It's all about the team and sportsmanship that really matters. I hope he had fun!