Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2...check

Yes I made it to the gym again this morning...LOL A friend of mine got there shortly after I did so we talked as we knocked out 30 min on the treadmill. It helps having someone there to talk to!! I think the hardest thing for me right now is trying to not drink so much diet coke. It's my crack!! I have made some fake crystal light stuff and am drinking that to try to get more 'water' each day. I have never been much of a water drinker so it's hard for me!!

Now for fun stuff...

I received this wonderful award from Two Blessings from Above. THANK YOU!!!

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The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom
Bad Mutha Fudruckers
Zander and Me
Escape Into My Thoughts
Le Musings of Moi

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wendy said...

Congrats - both on the award AND on making it to the gym again. :)

dddiva said...

Congrats on the award and great going making it to the gym again. You can do it.

Amy said...

Thanks for passing the award along to me. I will post (hopefully) tomorrow.

I love water. I never used to drink it but I found by having it in the fridge and drinking it cold caused me to be addicted. I can't come to work without it. :)

Nerdy Jess said...


The crystal light thingies are awesome to get your water in. Don't go cold turkey on the Diet Coke, you'll flip out and OD on it lol.

Yeah, it needs to warm up ASAP, Molly is such a good little workout buddy.

Ashley @ Frexy Mama said...

Saw your blog link on Tattooed Mini's. Anyhow, today is day 2 of the gym for me. I've been on a weight loss journey since April of last year.
I replaced my diet coke with unsweetened tea. But have kept a 12pk in the house when I absolutely need one, which is every day :)

Brandy said...

Keep up the good job!

Ashley @ Frexy Mama said...

I wrote on Jess's blog that I enjoy reading about weight loss stories, so expect some stalking from me from now on :)

Crystal Miller said...

Congrats on day 2! I cant wait until you get through day 3!

Two Blessings From Above said...

I love a Diet Coke first thing in the morning. I too hate drinking water, but can get it down with that Crystal Light stuff. Good luck with that. Great job on going to the gym.

Tooj said...

Good job on the gym going! :) I love hearing exercise stories...and I am closing in on my start back to running! I can't wait.

Tabitha Blue said...

Congrats on your award and for making it through day #2!!!!! Keep it up... hopefully it will soon become a habit and get easier! Good work!!



Anonymous said...

Thank you!

And good for you going 2 days in a row?! Isn't that supposed to be unheard of or something?

I'm a Diet Coke head too. And a bad water drinker so I do the crystal lite thing too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award and thank you for passing it on to lil ol me! :)

I'm totally impressed with the work outs....I just could not get up any earlier. I've worked out in the evenings 3 times so far....thats pretty good for me. Lets hope we can both keep it up til we are both HOT MAMAS!!!