Monday, May 18, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!

Well almost...the kids go through Thursday this week but to them, this week is just fun and play.

Today Kyler and the entire 7th grade class is spending the day at the park. They are having 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, softball games, lordy I don't even know what else. I can't wait to hear how he did today. His team had matching shirts and shorts...goofballs!

Miranda had her field day last week and got really sunburnt from it. I hope Kyler doesn't come home burnt today!

The weather lately is so great, it's 74 and sunny. I have my windows open and have heard the birds chirping all day!! I am so ready for the days to stay like this!!

I had a great weekend. I went to Iowa and actually ran into a couple of old classmates that I haven't seen since 1988!! I love going back there because you just never know who you'll see. I went to Bart's kids baseball and soccer games. It was a busy fast weekend but again, was a really good time.

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Ashley said...

So, are you excited or terrified for school vacay? I was always excited because my mom stocked up on that $1 pizza Jenos or whatever. Delicious!

Brandy said...

Our kids go until June 12, so yours are pretty lucky to be out already.

I wish I still had summer breaks!

Tooj said...

The weather IS gorgeous, isn't it? Are you the type of mom who gets excited for summer break, or do you dread it?