Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm tired from work, sports, people, stress, etc...etc...etc....but I'm hanging in there.

I am sad, I was supposed to take the kids to Omaha this weekend to meet one of my dearest friends Rhonda, and her kiddos. We were going to stay at a hotel with a killer water park too. But...sigh...had to cancel it because both of our boys ended up having rescheduled ball games for Sunday so no go on the trip. Sad me...I miss her. She's been such a good friend to me since 1989 when I met her. We really need girl time, she's been going through a lot, as I have, and it would've been nice to just sit and talk with her. Oh well...we will get it planned again soon.

I have Monday off of work (had it scheduled for the above mentioned lil trip) and I am going to keep it. I thought about cancelling the vacation day but eh, screw it...I'll keep it and head to the pool with the kids. That is if the weather is ok. We've had crappy rainy days almost this whole week!! If the weather sucks...we can hit a movie or something else.

My goal this weekend is to get our Branson vacation booked. I have been on brain overload looking at all of the various places to stay. The kids LOVED the cabin that we stayed in last October in Estes Park so I am really leaning towards another cabin in Branson. The problem is...there is a gabillion to choose from in every shape and price! Ughhh, I just need to pick ONE! haha! It's either that or I go with a hotel. There's even more hotels to choose from but there are some with water parks, some with killer pools, some with nice ass rooms...choices dammit LOL

I think I've said this in previous posts...mama needs a vacation :) Mama needs to get away from everything for at least a few days!! *sigh*

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Tooj said...

I hope that mama DOES get away. In the meantime, next week should provide some VERY good, NEEDED weather. Take care! Happy Thursday.