Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy busy busy

This week has just been crazy busy...I think it's that way for a lot of people, or so I've been told.

Jen is doing good, still doesn't know people. I'm really hoping it's just going to take her seeing or hearing something to start kickin the brain around a bit. Just like what happened when she heard our friend Rod. *fingers crossed*

She has been funny as heck with Jamie and I. All 3 of us were texting each other last night and Jen had us rolling with her texts. She was saying things how she needs to wear a helmet, live in a ranch style house, wear bubble wrap...she was totally laughing at herself which was great! She keeps telling Jamie and I how much she appreciates us and everything we've done. I stopped by to see her last night and she seemed to be doing good but then again, she hasn't been out of her house much to really get exposed to things. The three of us are going to go walking tonight so that will be good for her. It's all about baby steps :)

There is a huge festival here in town this weekend that is SO much fun!!! I feel so bad that she isn't going to be able to go, we all think that it's just way too much stimulation for her. There are bands all day and night, tons of BBQ vendors, and not to mention all the tons of people that will be there. I just think it would be really hard on her with people coming up to her, her not knowing them, us having to explain's a tough call but we want her to heal the right way!!!


wendy said...

It's good to read positive progress for Jen. Sorry she can't go to the festival, but I agree it might be overwhelming.

ps - the word verification is "hatersar" and I keep thinking "haters are what?!" LOL!

Tooj said...

Baby steps sounds like the right approach...although, in this situation, who KNOWS what the right approach might be. What a scary thing....I just wonder what she's THINKING!? Enjoy the festival if you make it there.

ps - to answer Wendy's question...."hatersar....stable". According to my word verification. I guess that means their evilness is consistent, right? ;)

Aleta said...

Healing the right way is the best way. Sounds like she has a great attitude and that's the best thing in the world for someone!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Glad to hear she has a sense of humor about the whole thing...that's half the battle (a positive attitude).

Hope you have fun at the festival, too bad Jen can't go, but when she's all better you guys can take her out and PARTY to celebrate!