Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Football is here!!

School has been going really well for the kiddos. I take that back, Kyler was sick the 2nd day LOL Poor kid had a fever so the nurse called me within a few minutes of the school day starting. Oh well, let's get that over and done with and not miss a lot of school this year!!!

Football practice started for Kyler this week too, he is SO excited. I am too actually, I love watching him play sports. His first game is September 10th.

Miranda's cheer leading practices are in full force too, her games will start around the same time Kyler's does. She is cheering for a city league while Kyler plays for his school.

Let's just say I have it figured out that Wednesdays will only be my non football day of the week:

Monday - NFL
Tuesday - Kyler's games
Wednesday - FREE!
Thursday - Kyler's games
Friday - High school games
Saturday - Miranda will cheer at games
Sunday - NFL

I LOVE THIS!!!!! hahaha!!

Speaking of football, I went to the Chiefs vs Texans game Saturday night with some girlfriends and had a blast!!! The only bad thing was it started to pour and we looked like wet rats but we didn't care!!!

I am still hitting the gym regularly again and love it, I feel so much better!!! Remember those 4 lbs I told you about in my last post? Yea all but 1 pound is gone now :) That took a week...whew hahaha!
I found a local 5k run next month that benefits brain injuries. It's for a guy here in town that suffered it from a bad accident. I am all about supporting local things so I am signing up for it today. There is even a kids fun run that I'll sign Kyler and Miranda up for. They saw some kids running in the Mother's Day 5k I did and both had mentioned wanting to do one.


Amy said...

I guess if we didn't have our kids to keep us busy, we'd be lost huh?

The pics of the game seem like you all had a great time :)

Tooj said...

I am looking for a 5K for Sunday Sept 6th if this one happens to fall on that day, or if you've seen another race for that day. I only found some big time race for that day so far in our neck of the woods. :) On the Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon program, I'm supposed to do a 5k race 9/6 and then a 10k race 9/27. You still contemplating the W&R KC run?

Tooj said...

Oh, and by the way...CHUMPS FAN....Go Raiders!!! :0 Hee hee.

Aleta said...

Your kids are lucky that they have such a cool mom. It's great that you get involved with their activities!

Two Blessings From Above said...

I am so excited for football season to start too. The Vikings play the Chiefs on Friday night I think. That will be Brett Favre's first game in purple. YAY!! Your children looked so nice on their first day of school! Enjoy football.

wendy said...

But wait - there's still more!!

Thursday night NFL games will start mid-season. Are they doing Saturday games this year?

Yep - I'm somewhat of an NFL junkie. *blush*

Eva Gallant said...

great photos.

just stopping by to say hi from SITS; hope you'll do the same.

Ashley said...

Hell yeah for football season! We are SOOOO excited and hopeful that we'll actually get to watch some games while living in BFE.

Lisa Petrarca said...

What...Kyler is sick of school already?!? LOL...j.k.!

Football is starting here too, Hell Week this week. Definitely my FAV time of the year!

I'm jealous you got to go to a game. Looks like you guys had fun even in the rain.

Stop by my Blog...you have an AWARD!

Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

Ah back to school. When it's time for summer I long for the unstructured days that it brings and by mid August I'm craving structure and activities again.

I enjoyed reading your post.

Popping in from SITS to wish you a great day.

Magaly Guerrero said...

All these sounds very exciting. I love to see parents that take so much interest in the life of their children. My dad has always been there, cheering for me, and trust me there were days that I felt like giving up, but seeing him on the bench gave motivation and I went on.

I also run for different causes, my last one the AIDS hike for life. I raised over $1,000 and I ran with this huge grin on my face lol. I'll be back to see how your run goes.

I stopped by because you commented before me on SITS!

Fresh Mommy said...

Girl, it's a good thing you love football... or maybe the kids love football because of you. It's a perfect season for you though!! There's a 5k and 8k run right here today, I love supporting local events and charities! Go for it!!