Tuesday, August 25, 2009


See yesterday's post to understand this one...

So here I sit...working from Jen's kitchen table. I have to say, it's been a good day.

When I got here this morning to pick her kids up for school, of course Kyler and Miranda had to go in and see Jen. When Kyler came in, Jen goes 'who's this huge kid? he's a stud' LOL I had to laugh and say 'noooo don't tell him that it will go to his head'!! haha!! On the way to school her kids told me she remembered Jamie and I coming to visit yesterday so that was good to hear.

Jen was doing great in the morning before the appointment. She was cleaning like crazy and we were having good conversations. She would ask me questions and every once in awhile I would ask her things. I didn't want to try to overwhelm her though. She was asking me why I wasn't married, who I was dating, did I have pet (funny cuz she's the one who takes care of my dogs when I go out of town), things that you would ask someone when trying to get to know them.

I was very happy with how the doctor's appointment went. She wasn't able to tell him her birthday, what month or year it was (her response was 'nobody has told me') but he gave her 3 things to remember (horse, ball and pen) and at the end of the appointment when he asked her what they were, she was struggling but once he gave her the first one, she remembered ball and she said pencil. He was pretty happy with the fact that she remembered anything. He said we are past the 48 hr window of when something could have gone bad and that everything is still up there...it will just take days, weeks or maybe longer to come back to her. It's like she can retain the things people tell her but she can't remember things on her own yet. The doctor wants to see her again in a week and then possibly each week after that. He said she can't drive yet but is ok to be alone in a comfortable safe environment and just to make sure some one is checking on her throughout the day. Luckily working from home, I can do that.

We were at Sonic for lunch and I thought I knew the person in the car next to us and all of a sudden he spoke and Jen recognized his voice. She said 'I know that voice' so I rolled the car back enough so we could see who it was and sure enough, it was our friend Rod! Jen's aunt is married to Rod's brother so they are kind of related. I asked her if she recognized him but she couldn't remember who he was. I kinda told Rod about what had happened and such so he didn't think she was crazy!! In talking to Jen later about Rod, she said he looked different, like clean cut....well normally he has a goatee! Then she said he looks like someone else so I talked about his brothers and she kinda put it all together and then said 'well his name is Rod but we don't call him that, we call him Hector'...yup that's his nickname!!

The brain is such a crazy thing!!!


Tooj said...

PHEW. Things are slowly (maybe?) coming back....? What a scary, scary thing to go through. You are wonderful for being so accessible. :)

Two Blessings From Above said...

I hope each day Jen gets better and better! Thanks so much for keeping us posted on how she is doing. Was she blogging before this happened?

wendy said...

Still thinking of her. You are a great friend.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, your texts throughout the day kept me entertained! I thought I was supposed to entertain you guys! She cracked me up when I told her I heard she had held Ace. Yeah, she said, that thing feels weird! I just laughed and told her I was glad we were finally on the same page.... Even though it's slow, I'm glad things are starting to come back.
Luv ya!