Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Friend...Jen

I love this girl, she's become one of my closest dearest friends over the past 3 years. Our boys are the same age and are really good friends. Our daughters are a year apart in age but that doesn't stop them, they are best buddies too.

Something scary happened to Jen today. She was cleaning off her deck and the deck stairs and somehow fell. She fell down the stairs and ended up hitting her head on the cement patio at the bottom.

When she came to, she had no idea who her husband Eric was, who her kids were, or who her kids friends were. She started yelling at them to get out of her house. Eric took her to the hospital where it was determined that she had gotten a concussion as well as suffering from amnesia. She was discharged after a couple of hours.

I talked to Eric this evening and he was telling me how she is getting more at ease with him and the kids but still has this look like 'who are you' all the time. I guess her mom and sister came over and she didn't know who either of them were.

He said that she can describe her friends but doesn't really know them or can't picture them. She knows that she has a curly dark haired friend that is funny and likes to wear ball caps (that'd be me), that she has a blond haired friend that wears glasses and has a bunch of kids (that'd be Jamie) and she described 2 more of her friends too.

About 9pm tonight I got a text from about made me is our conversation -

Jen - Eric told me we are good friends, goodnight
Me - We are sweetie, good night
Jen - Thank you, I am sad I cannot remember anyone
Me - You will be just fine, we all love you and are here for you
Jen - I love you all too, thanks, I'm gonna try to go to sleep now, I can't watch tv or do anything with too much stimulation so I am bored
Me - Get some rest hon

I was so sad after that but was relieved to kinda hear from her if that makes sense.

Eric said she can't watch tv, read or be on the computer right now because it is too much stimulation. He is supposed to ask her questions to I guess kick start her memory but she gets really frustrated when she can't answer things so he has to do it in moderation. I guess if there isn't an improvement by Tuesday, he is to take her back to the doctor. To me...that seems like forever away. He did say that she got up, got a glass, got ice, got water and got a box of crackers without asking where anything was so maybe it's just that the long term memory is a bit fuzzy??

One funny thing she did though...she has a bearded dragon who is her little baby. I guess she looked at it today and said to Eric that it was the most hideous looking thing and she cannot believe it was in her house! I just had to laugh at that!!!

Miranda made me promise her today that this would never happen to me...gotta love my little girl!

Jen...get better soon hon, we all love you!!!


Anonymous said...

AAAwwwwweeee!!! I love it! Her text gave me goosebumps tonight too. Lots of prayers and good thoughts!!!! XOXO :)

Brad & Jess said...

Poor Jen :( I hope she does better soon.

Genny said...

I saw your note over at SITS to pray for your friend Jen...

Sending prayers her way. How scary, but I hope that she continues to remember more and recover.

Amy said...

That is scary. I hope she is back to her old self soon!

Kaibee said...

AWWW!! I feel soo bad for Jen!! I wish she gets well soon!! Love you blog!! IT really is the cutest one!!!

Lisa Petrarca said... scary, just from a fall! I will be praying for her!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

How scary. I hope she gets better quickly. Her poor family.

Eclipsed said...

That's so sad. I'll keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

Stopping by from SITS

Senora Muertos said...

Hang in there! I am sure all will be back to normal in time. I saw your note on SITS and had to stop by.

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Two Blessings From Above said...

Wow, it is so scary how your life can change in a second. I hope each day brings back more and more of her memory. I am sure that text meant the world to you. Great pictures!!

Tooj said...

What a CRAZY story, Trish! I am going to read part two and three right now....I hope the story gets better....