Friday, November 21, 2008

Ah Friday YES

Well I got my fence quote...LESS than expected so I am soooooo happy and they can start as early within the next two weeks! I am SO excited! Not too excited to hand over that chunk of change but it's 15 degrees out right letting the pooches out sheesh!! I do have one of those stake things to attach their leashes to but gave the run cords to someone and so I'd have to go buy new ones.

Oh well...HAPPY FRIDAY right???!!!

Now onto the fun stuff!

I was given this award by Ms. Lump herself over at She's Lump . If you haven't found her on here yet, you must. She is so damn funny and her doggies are to die for!!!! THANKS BABE!!

Requirements for accepting this award are that I must list five of my favorite addictions and then pass along the award to five other fabulous blogs.

My five addictions are:

1. Diet Coke - have to have it every morning...I don't drink coffee so this is my beverage of choice.

2. Reality TV - Call me stupid, crazy whatever, this is what I with it!!

3. Twizzlers - love this candy...could eat it all the time!

4. Flip Flops - not loving this 15 degree weather as it makes my tootsies cold in my flip flops!

5. Blogger and Facebook - I swear I spend more time on these two sites then work...oopsie!!

Soooo my choices are as follows, I don't expect them to do this because this award, like all the others, is going around so I am sure people get tagged more than once!!:

Have a great day!


FatGirlsSkinny said...

YAY for fences! No Maddie Pancakes, whew.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh yeah!!! I'm glad it was less than you were expecting!!! YEAH!!!

Two Blessings From Above said...

Thanks for passing the award on to me. The fence is going to be so nice. Brrr, it is so cold here last night it was -4 with wind chill. Most people would be sitting by a fire, not me I was at a hockey game.

Gaspegirl said...

Good morning, just visiting from SITS...

make it a great day!

Lump said...

aww you know you are FABULOUS! well, I do. ;)

I'm glad YOU don't have to put up the fence in this freezing weather!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Congrats on your award! I'm happy to hear the sweet four legged creatures will be safe again. No more escapees! Happy Friday to you.

Tooj said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got an award!!!! THIS is a fabulous Friday! Minus the weather, I'm with you on this. (I was spoiled with attached garages for work, and now I gotta hoof it 3 blocks downtown. Sheesh!) I will do my award post as soon as I get home tonight - I'm so excited! Maegan said...

awe, you are too sweet!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I heart flip flops too ...but I call them thongs and everyone always things I'm talking about my underwear


Amy said...

Thanks so much :D I am behind on my blogging this week, so I will try to get to this soon !

Tabitha Blue said...

I love fences!! ... especially when they are cheaper than you thought!! Yay.

...I think I may be addicted to reality tv sometimes too, slowly moving away from it :)