Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cookie Success

I have to blog this because I was told to by Jess since she was shocked I owned a mixer. Granted it is a shitastic brown 1980's model handed down to me by my mother but hey, it works right? LOL

I made the cookies I mentioned in my previous post...oh my goodness...heaven!! Miranda helped me too, she had fun!! She had to leave before she got to taste them though. I was good and have only had one so far! I made four dozen and have them all packed up ready to go for today!!

I guess your supposed to take a 'before' picture of everything right? Don't you dig my built in cutting board? NOT! That just grosses me out and I cannot wait to get new countertops!!

It got hard to mix two boxes of cake mix so Miranda offered her help!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Wep said...

The recipe calls for CAKE MIX? Love it. Care to share?

wendy said...

OK - must've missed the first mention of the cookies but MAN, they look good. Can I come over and get some?! Share the recipe! :)

FatGirlsSkinny said...

Omg! You did it! That mixer cracks me up :D

Lump said...

mmmmm I would eat ALL OF THEM.

ha your mixer is awesome, though! :)