Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok I know it's only 42 degrees and windy and we haven't had any snow yet but it is still cold!!! Call me a wuss :)

I'm getting SO tired of taking Maddie out on the leash but until I get a fence or something I have to. She got out the other night and I honestly don't know how she didn't get his by this truck that was flying down the street. I had a guy come to give me a quote on a fence today. He measured the yard and I actually gave him two options of what I'd like to do, the full yard or part of the yard. He hasn't emailed me the quote yet but I'm anticipating $2500-$3000...UGH!! PLEASE let it be lower :)

I got some really good feedback for music yesterday from here as well as Facebook. I loaded my iPod up last night and was jamming the whole way to and from dinner with Greg and his kiddos. They still like me oh and I got invited to go with them for Thanksgiving EEK! I am sure I will go because it's either that or I stay home alone. I could go to Jess's too cuz she loves me and invited me!

Tomorrow is Friday which means NO WORK! Remember I took every Friday off through the end of the year??? Wahooooo!!! No plans so I'll probably veg on the couch til the kiddos get home.

We really have no plans for the weekend but I think I am going to offer to have Jen's kiddos stay the night at least one of the nights because she having gall bladder surgery today and I'm sure could use a peaceful house. Maybe we will go roller skating or something fun like that!!!


Brandy said...

Well happy Friday to you then! Stevie is off too...wish I was. :{

Hot Tub Lizzy said...


You said to call you it... I'm just following directions.

What about one of those stakes you screw into the ground with the chain on it - could that work for maddie for now??? That's what we always used for our dog... we would put it out close enough to the house so that we could hook her up at the door and then she could run and do her bidness...

FatGirlsSkinny said...

YAY! Come to my house! We love you too!

Summer Saldana said...

Oh sad! When I was reading this post, for some reason I thought you posted this yesterday and I got all excited that today was Friday!



Two Blessings From Above said...

It is high of 31 degrees here today. I have all the windows open because I have been cleaning and putting up Christmas decorations all day. My neighbors probably think I am crazy!
Enjoy your day off and stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Found you through SITS.
How wonderful it would be to have Fridays off the rest of the year. I will never accumulate that much vacay!

Lump said...

I want tomorrow off! I hope you enjoy it. I'm sure you will. :)

check out my blog... I gave you a little something. ;)

Tooj said...

Roller skating!!! GO. It'd be so much fun! We just started going a few years ago when the 10 year old came to live with us full-time - had a couple of his birthday parties at the local rink. Forgot how much fun it can be!