Monday, November 3, 2008

Mondays suck

I have a sick girl at home...AGAIN! I'm taking her to the doctor this afternoon. She coughed ALL night last night and is so sore and horse today. I know she has bad bad allergies but this is getting ridiculous!!

My boss tells me today to go ahead and put my remaining vacation days (whenever I decide what to take) on the group calendar and consider them all approved! whohoooo! I have 8 1/2 days left to schedule! Then I realized that next year is my 5th year with this company so I get an additional 5 days of vacation as of Jan 1st! Oh then she tells me she's going to be on vacation for the next 2 weeks...saweeeet!

Hmm, nothing else exciting going on really so I thought I'd share a couple pictures of Maddie. She's grown quite a bit!! From 11 pounds to 40 pounds in the 4 months we've had her!!! She's battled having Demodex which causes hair loss and other issues so that's why she's lost so much of the black hair color, it's grown back in a lot lighter as you can see on her head. She's doing so much better now :) She was looking pretty bad there for awhile. I'm glad Miranda picked her at the shelter and we nursed her through all that because someone else might not have.


FatGirlsSkinny said...



me = dead.

Man, that doggy kills me.

Wep said...

SOOO cute.

Brandy said...

Agreed. Mondays always suck.

8 1/2 days means you will have plenty of time for the holidays..yeehaw!

Maddie is a beautiful dog - she's lucky to have you guys!

Michelle said...

I've got my fingers crossed, but this is the first Monday in over a month that no one's been sick in my house.

I probably just jinxed myself by saying that, though.

gingela5 said...

Mondays are awful! Cute puppy pictures! I'm glad you picked her too! And YAY for the vacation time!

Lump said...

I wish I had 8 and a half days left!!

and Maddie is TOO TOO CUTE. :)

dddiva said...

Sorry the girlie is sick, but OMG cute puppy! Absolutely adorable and you were meant to be the owner.
Hope your sweetie is feeling better soon... the allergies here are horrendous, so I feel for the poor baby.

Tooj said...

Hi, I found you on SITS roll call and wanted to say hi to a fellow KC lady. Just a quick note about you mentioning your daughter's allergies and her coughing. Does she take any meds (preventative or otherwise)? I have a son who has asthma and we were having coughing bouts nearly every other week. Finally the doc recommended Singulair and a generic Claritin ($4 for a month at Wal-mart, over the counter stuff). They are both chewable tablets that he takes daily and we've been a year without any serious asthma attack, which were almost always brought on because of his allergies. Just a thought...bug in your ear type of thing. :)

Tabitha Blue said...

So sorry about your girl, it's really sucks when they are sick... especially when it doesn't seem to be getting better! Hope it does soon.

I LOVE vacation!! LOL Jealous.

Such a cute Maddie... still looks like a pup! :)