Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hi my name is Trish and I am a football it! I was born and raised in Denver therefore I bleed orange blood. Yes I am a die hard BRONCOS fan!! WHOHOOOOOO!!!! Now living in Kansas City makes that challenging sometimes but heck, I wear my Broncos attire proud. I get lots of s**t for it but hey, isn't that what makes it fun??? Even when I have gone to the Broncos vs Chiefs games here in KC, I wear Broncos stuff. That doesn't make the people I go with happy but again...*giggles* I love it!

I hadn't been to Mile High Stadium in god knows how long but last year I was able to go to the Monday Night Broncos vs Titans game at the new Invesco Field. Wow, it was SO cool!!! The new stadium is amazing and the game was soooo fun!! Who knows if I will ever get back to another one there but I would LOVE to go with my brother some time. He still lives outside of Denver and talk about true fans, he is about 10,000 times more of a fan than I am.

Here are some pictures from the game last year :)

Love these guys!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh Invesco!!!

Awesome seats!

Incredible stadium!

The seats were right below the ESPN booth

I'm a dork


The boys coming on the field

Get em boys!


Every year I also do a Yahoo Pro Pick'em game which isn't as intense as fantasy football, you simply pick who you think will win each game. I have hosted these games for wow, about 7 years now I think? It's fun, my family and friends get in on it and wow talk about smack talk...sheesh!! I'll keep you up to date each week on the stats of it and how I am kicking everyone's butts :)


Brad & Jess said...

Oh so that'd be the email that I carefully avoid each year? ;)

I love your pix! You should print some for you house!

Julie said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by Hungary today! I love your post about football, we don't get to watch it over here and miss it. Sometimes they will show games here the day after but not often and then the commentators are in Hungarian and that is annoying. Oh well...

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh I'm so VERY VERY happy to have another Football friend!!! I'm a Vikings/Colts/Chargers fan, but always have love for a fellow football fan... (unless you're a packer fan.. then we have issues)

Ask Gert "love the packer fan, hate the packers"

Frizzy and Bird said...

Oh no! You finally did it. You lost me. I am NOT A BRONCOS FAN! GO CHIEFS! Oh well, we had to find our differences eventually. Loved the pics of the game. Too fun!

Wep said...

ROFLMAO. don't have a husband who enjoys the Devil Wears Prada do you?

Leslie said...

Love the football pics! It's great getting to go to the games. I wish I were in a place that I could go. (maybe in a couple of years...) What on earth are those guys wearing? Red rugs?? LOL, I bet you are a hoot to go out with! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Oh, I knew I liked you for a reason! A girl who loves football is a rare thing! I'm a Packers fan...well should I say Packer's and Brett Favre fan (can't bring myself to say NY Jets fan)! I loved the game though...WOO HOO for the OLD GUY!LOL!

It's funny, I wrote a little article a while back about football and the VERY BASIC point behind the game...trying to inspire more women to jump on board. I think I will repost it on my blog. THIS IS MY FAV TIME OF YEAR...YAY FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!