Thursday, September 4, 2008

Updated Entry Way Pictures

Second coat of paint on - check

Trim tape pulled - check

Floors swept - check

Cubby moved back in place - check

Pictures hung - check

Next up....2 inch wood blinds :)


Wep said...

So pretty, and the color of hot cocoa!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! It looks great, Trish!!! So, do you stand in your front doorway now and just stare?

~Trish~ said...

LOL thanks gals! I really should post some before and after shots of everything I have done to my house, you'd be really impressed :) Maybe that will be my post for tomorrow!

FatGirlsSkinny said...

Its so awesome! I love that color and the ''chubby''

Frizzy and Bird said...

Wow! I love it. You're doing such a great job. Lots of hard work too. UGH!

Crystal Miller said...

WOW you do great work! Congrats!