Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday

Can Mondays be happy?

I'm still a little rough from yesterday. The kids and I went to Jen's for a Chiefs party. I consumed a couple adult beverages throughout the day and I went to bed at 9pm LOL My Broncos won again though YAY!!! I'll post our rankings from my Yahoo Pro Pickem tomorrow after the Monday night game.

I am up for another crazy week this week. I am doing some traveling for work again (god help me) to do some client training with Google in San Francisco. Let's pray it doesn't go like my training in New Jersey for Hertz in July!!! I fly out Wednesday morning and back on Friday. Since I wil be in one location this time, maybe I'll be able to get out at night and see some things :)

It will be the first time I board Maddie, I hope she does ok. I think they are going to be able to keep her and Kasey in the same kennel. Poor puppies but I just can't leave them at home and hope someone can come and let them out. I know Jen would I don't want to have some one have to do that. Plus Maddie is on some meds so it will be easier for the vet to do it anyways.

I have a sick boy at home. Kyler has a bad sore throat. I hope he feels better so that he can play in his football game tomorrow!!


FatGirlsSkinny said...

Noooooooooooo I forgot about your stupid trip to SF.

Bring me back Sourdough Bread. Are you taking the new sexy camera? I bet you could get some hella cool pix for your house. You need to download Picassa 3 for your pix, amazing free editing stuff you can do the pix on there. I love it.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I wanna go on a trip. This isn't a fun day to work in a brokerage firm...

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Going to bed at 9pm RULES. Oh and the Broncos winning RULES, too!

I've always wanted to go to San Fran. Our friends just got back from there and want to go again soon. Have fun!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Oh yeah! I remember you saying you would be out here! I wish I could drive down to meet you. That would be fun to see eachother face to face. Have you decided where you're gonna eat and visit? Have fun and good luck on your conference/training. Stay Safe!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....busy week! Hope the trip goes well, hope the puppy is happy and I hope the boy feels better!!!

I hope you get a chance to take pictures in San Francisco.

Wep said...

Aww I would watch the puppies for you if we lived in the same town. Or if we knew where each other lived of course that might help too. I'm sure the pup will be fine :) I miss mine, she is at home with her daddy while I'm in this freaking hotel :(

Megan said...

Oooh, I'm kind of jealous of your traveling, even if it is for work! I agree, SF will give you some great shots (a few Smartini girls went there earlier this summer and their pics did not disappoint).

Shh! Don't tell!: Manhattan!