Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another day in the ER was baby girl.

She had been back and forth between our house and our friend's house on her bike. She knew she was to be home by 4:15 because her dad was going to be picking her up.

About 3:50 I got a text from Jen saying Miranda was on her way home. Time passed and Kyler and I started thinking she should've been home by now so he was going to take off on his bike to find her. Just as he was about to walk out the door she called.

'Mom...I got hit by a car'

Omg I went into pantic mode asking where she was and she couldn't tell me so she gave her phone to someone with her. They said she was a few blocks down from the police station which is only a couple blocks from my house. I get in my car, call Kyler and tell him where to go (he had taken off on his bike). I turned the corner to find two police cars with their sirens on flying out of the station so we all went to the accident.

There I found my baby sitting on the curb between two older ladies crying...I about lost it completely but kept it together and went to her. I could see both feet were cut up really bad on one side of each of them but didn't see any other blood thankfully. Her bike was still laying in the street.

The next few minutes were a blur of talking to the lady that hit her and talking to the two police officers. Miranda said she saw the car coming so she slowed down but then the car was there, boom, and hit her. The lady said she didn't even see Miranda. Stupid side streets that don't have stop signs at any corner! I called Jen to tell her what happened so she and her two kids came rushing to the accident too. Miranda started getting hot and not feeling well and ended up throwing up, poor thing. I looked at the lady that hit her and she was wiping away tears. I walked over to her and told her that Miranda is going to be just fine and she looked me in my eyes and said 'I could've killed her' and I just gave her a hug and told her we can't think about the 'what could've happened' because it didnt't. In the back of my mind I wanted to burst out crying though.

The ambulance came and bandaged her up and checked her out. NOthing else hurt but her feet. She had flip flops on. She had the choice of riding in the ambulance to the ER or for me to take her, of course she wanted to be with me so finally we were released to go. The boys rode the bikes back to my house and Jen picked them up and met us at the ER. Miranda's dad was already there waiting for us.

We got into the exam room and who was there? The same guy that took care of Kyler when he hurt his leg a few weeks ago. We both laughed about that. The other nurse was the mom of one of Kyler's friends. Again, gotta love small towns. Finally got her all admitted and took her back into the ER. They were just really bad cuts, scrapes and road burns. She screamed and cried so hard when they had to clean and scrub the wounds. I just held her little hands and told her it would be over soon. They checked every part of her body out too for pain and also took x-rays too and thankfully no broken bones either.

She was released with some Tylenol with Codine (whohooo) but she is in great spirits. Gonna have some sore feetsies for awhile but she's gonna be just fine. God love her!! Someone was watching over this kid today!


Rhonda said...

Trishyyyyyyyyyy ! OMG!!!!!!!!!! That is a horrible story!!!!!!! I am so sorry! I LOVE YOU MIRANDA! I will pray for both of you! I am so sad but glad it wasn't worse than what it was. WOW! I can only imagine what you were feeling.... I AM SORRY! :-( I LOVE YOU!!!!

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

I AM SOOOO SORRY TRISH!!!! How scary for you and Miranda! I'm glad she is okay and you were VERY brave to not break down. I bet that helped everyone else stay calm.

God was definitely looking out for her! Take care and I will remember you in my prayers.

Love ya!

FatGirlsSkinny said...

Jesus, that gives me chills Tushy. I'm so glad she's ok! Poor Roo..

~Trish~ said...

Thanks girls, that means a lot to me :) She's a tough cookie and is doing good and will be up and running around before long!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the sore feet on a another post and had to come see what happened! HOW SCARY!!! Oh, I feel so bad for about made me cry too and I know she's okay now!

Hope those feet are feeling better!Kudos to you for keeping it together and being nice to the lady that hit her too! I know that had to be rough on everyone!

Stephanie Hardeman said...

Holy cow! I am so glad to hear that Miranda was ok. Very scary! I love how you kept your calm and were soothing to the lady that hit her! Grace under pressure, I can guess where you learned that skill! ;)