Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Morning in the ER


hehe ok now that I have made my disclosure...I took poor Kyler to the ER this morning. Since school has been out, he has been going to strength training that the highschool offers. It's an hour a day that middle school age kids can work out with the highschool football coaches. It's a pretty cool deal and he loves it. Today he was doing the agility deal where they stand and then jump onto a box. I guess he didn't make the jump fully and well he missed or slipped and hit his shin on it. The coach called me about 8:45am and I could tell by his voice it wasn't good so I rushed up to get him. Kyler walked out with the coach and just got right into the car. The coach told me it was pretty deep and that I should go to the ER so we headed right over there. He was in so much pain, I could just see it. They got him in a room and when they took the bandage the coach put on, I about passed out. It was about a two inch gash down to the bone. The doc moved the skin and it confirmed that was bone I was seeing. They gave him a Loritab and put the numbing gel all in and around the wound and we had to wait about 30 min for that to work. When they came back to do the stitches, he could still feel everything so they had to give him shots to numb it. I stood there holding both his hands as he squeezed so hard, screamed in pain, and had tears running down his face. I felt SO horrible but assured him it would be over soon. He ended up having to get inside and outside stitches. The doctor was concerned as he was doing the stitches because he said it looked like he has shaved the bone too during the impact so after the stitches he went and got an x-ray. Sure enough, there was a little bit of the bone shaved off. He was sent home with antibiotics and Loritab. He's been doing really good today walking around, of course he's pretty hopped up on the drugs LOL I hope he does ok tomorrow. This kind of changes our plans for vacation as we will no longer be taking a raft trip down the Spring River. There is no way I am going to risk getting that infected. We will still do the cave tour and probably go to Mamouth Springs and do other cool stuff. Just as long as my baby boy is ok...poor kiddo.

Ok here are the graphic pictures of before and after the stitches. Remember...you have been warned!!!


LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

OH MY GOSH TRISH! That is crazy!! I know the exact drill that you're talking about cuz my boys do it all the time (we're a HUGE football family.) Poor Kyler...it looks like a shark bite or something.

Doesn't that figure...freak accident just before vacation, why does stuff like that always seem to happen?!?

Hope it heals quick and he's still able to have fun on your vacation.

P.S. At least you got it out of the way and now everything will go smooth for the trip, right???!!

~Trish~ said...

Oh it totally figures hahaha! Ugh, oh well your right, at least it's out of the way and we have have a hopefully fun trip!!

marissa said...


my shins hurt for him!!!