Friday, July 11, 2008

Whew long but fun day!!

Ok can I just say that Arkansas is HOT??? Holy cow!!! I thought Kansas was bad but wow, the humidity here today was NUTS!!!!

I didn't blog last night so I'll recap yesterday!! My dad got here and we went to eat at a local little ma and pa restaurant. Yum, it was really good! Then we headed to where he lives which is in Ozark Acres ( There is a really nice lake there so we stopped at several places to check it out. Then we went to my dad's house and it is SO perfect for him and his doggie, Scarlett. We gave him his birthday present early, it was a bamboo windchime. I think he really liked it!! After we visited for awhile, we went over to my uncles house. It was good to see him and my cousin, it had been many years since I had seen them!! We went back to the hotel and Miranda wanted to swim for awhile, poor Kyler just sat on the side since he couldn't get in with his leg.

This morning the kids and I wandered through Old Hardy ( for just a little bit, the stores weren't open yet. My dad came to pick us up about 10am and we headed to Mountain View (75 miles away) to Blanchard Springs Cavern ( The drive was about 2 hrs because it was through twisty turning roads, but it was a really pretty drive! We decided to do the shortest of the tours which was the Dripstone Trail. It's the first level of the cave. It was so incredible and pretty. Of course we had to hit the gift shop. Miranda got a stuffed animal and Kyler got a wooden walking stick.

After that we headed to the Ozark Folk Center ( and wandered in and out of the little shops/exhibits. The kids made some candles, well they got to dip white candles into different colors to make them unique. They turned out really pretty! I bought a candle, Sweet Pea Sandlewood....ohhhh it smells SOOO good!! I can't wait to get home to burn it!

We got back to the hotel about 6ish so the kids hit the pool. I had gotten some waterproof bandaids for Kyler's leg so he was able to enjoy it for a little bit. After they swam we walked over to a BBQ place for some food. Now both kids are showered and almost passed out and it's only 9:30! HAHA! I love wearing them out!!! Kyler has been getting around really well on his leg, I am so glad he is able to. I was worried about him but sheesh, no need to be!!!

Tomorrow we are going to try to hit the shops in Old Hardy again to see what there is to spend more money on LOL then we are going to head to Mammoth Springs Park (

Of course I have taken a TON of pictures along the way and will continue to do so but I don't have a way to download them to my laptop so (LISA :P ) you'll have to wait until I get home to see them!!

Oh and to answer your question on the last post Lisa, yes I am addicted to blogging! I brought my laptop on the trip for the evenings after the kiddos are crashed out, it gives me time to blog as well check email, surf, whatever else!!

Happy Friday to everyone!!!!

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FatGirlsSkinny said...

yay! I'm glad your having fun! Be careful cupcake, see you soon!