Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Monday

Ok...officially on the major countdown starts on WEDNESDAY!!! WHAHOOOOO!!! The kids are semi excited. Miranda is, she likes who is in her class but she got the one new fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Burke, so she has NO idea what to expect. She's had some awesome teachers up until now so I hope Ms. Newbie doesn't break her streak. Kyler is more concerned about WHO is in his classes and WHERE their lockers are compared to his. This is his first year of having an actual locker and I think he (along with every one of us, admit it) is a tad nervous about not only getting to and from all his classrooms in time, but having to remember that darn locker combination. I'm going to write it on a note card or something so he can keep it in his backpack or trapper or whatever he has decided to use. I remember the first week of school was always so nerve racking, I hope the boy does ok. Tomorrow night is sneak peek night so he can try out opening his locker and Miranda can size up her new teacher.

The kiddos got back from a few days at Grandma Rose's yesterday about 5pm. We had lasagna for dinner then we took Kasey and Bailey for a walk. Conveniently we ended up at Jen's house. I swear my kids go through withdrawals if they don't see Laike and Nacie (Jen's kids, the ones we went to the water park with a few posts ago). Then we all chilled on the couch and watched a movie. I told them this was the last night they were going to be able to stay up late since school is starting this week.

The bus will be here at 7:08...then I will have peace and quiet until about 3:45 each day....ahhhhhhhhhh


Nichole and Scott said...

I've been out of school for more years than I'd like to admit and reading about lockers, new classes, teachers, bells and combinations gives my heart a nervous flutter. I loved school. Well, the social part anyway but I always dreaded the first day. Thanks for sharing.

Nichole and Scott said...

Thanks for stopping. That is one of my favorite pics of her. I'm glad you like it.

Heather said...

Oh I'm so very much the opposite of you right now - I'm counting down to the first day of school with sadness and dread. Yes, I'm one of THOSE mothers - my baby (my one and only kiddo) is starting KINDERGARTEN in less than a month. Full-day kindergarten. *sob sob sob*

I'm sure that once I get used to this next chapter: the Big Kid in School All Day years, I will cherish the moments when she's away as much as I did once I got used to the 1/2 days at preschool. But for now, I get choked up whenever I think of her getting on a school bus and leaving me............

(Oh I'm such a wimp!)


Anonymous said...

Like I always say, I go to work not to make money but to escape my child!

Just joking, but some days, it feels like a huge relief to come into work even if I do have a pile of crap waiting for me!

FatGirlsSkinny said...

yay school! dude... I totally bet Kylers gonna be the stud with all the chicks at his locker ;)

And even if Roo's teacher was the devil, that kids too stinkin cute not to fall right in love with. :D

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

I commented about Sam's pics and saw you found his pics through Nichole's you know her IRL? (from KC??? --- how can you like the Broncos? It's sacreligious or something, isn't it?)

I grew up in KC - Nichole and I are friends from H.S --- Lee's Summit, actually.

Anywho, just wanted to say "hi!"