Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well they are school...again...whaaaaaaaa

So yes I was totally excited for this day but now that it's here, I am kinda sad too. Miranda is a total mama's girl and doesn't really have separation anxiety but sometimes doesn't like to leave me. Knowing this, we made plans for both she and Kyler to go to Jen's house and she would take them along with her two kiddos. We got there this morning, all was well, she was getting out of the car the same time Kyler was and then all of a sudden Kyler gets back in the car to give me a hug and says 'I love you mom'. Ok...I lost it and had to fight back the tears. I wasn't expect that to come from a cool 12 yr old kid. So then Miranda saw me tearing up as she was hugging me good bye and then she got totally upset. She does not like to see me upset at all. So her crying and not letting me go went on for about 10 min then I finally looked at Jen and just told her she had to take her and let me go. I knew she'd be fine once I was gone and of course she was. Ugh...crazy kid. Jen called after all the kids were at school and said things went just fine.

Oh and at Back To School night last night, we got to meet Miranda's new teacher. I was wrong, it's MISS Burke. She's young and this is her very first year of teaching. She seems very nice and Miranda said she's pretty, which is very important!! I signed up to be the PTO Room Mom to help with parties and such...eek!

Kyler couldn't get his locker open at first but then I showed him how to do it (stupid combination locks) and he was fine after that! In fact he was going around helping his friends who couldn't get theirs open!!

Here are my babies this morning!

After I dropped them off at Jen's I was a good girl and hit the gym! I did a 30 min program on the treadmill. Didn't want to totally over do it and burn myself out the first day back so I'll ease into it. I kept a log of my weigh ins last time I was doing this and my last one was 5/ is 8/13...weird huh? At least it's not on a Friday right?? Other facts...I weighed myself today and I am only 3 lbs heavier than my 5/13 weigh in and I am starting today at 5 lbs lighter than I did when I started in January. I had lost 11 lbs before so I guess I have gained back half of that which I can live with, I was just happy I didn't go over where I started before LOL


FatGirlsSkinny said...

awe! they are so so cute! Thats so sweet about Kyler :)

Nichole and Scott said...

My heart is crying out for you this morning. So hard! So sweet! Moments that are SO priceless. Just wait til he/she are going off to college or getting married. UGH! Can't we just wrap them up in a pretty little box and keep them inside and with us forever?

Party of 5 said...

AWE I too love the first day of school but it also makes me said. SOMEHOW I have a 4th and 2nd grader and my Princess is going to PrK. I HAVE NO KIDS AT HOME! I don't know how it will be. They all go starting Monday. I am so going to be bawling and crying - just hope I can hold out and not do it when I drop her off. She is my baby and she has had extreme attachment issues (which have gotten better). She says she is ready though.

I stopped over from SITS.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

aaah, a fellow First Day Mama. God love us and those sweet boys of ours (I posted about mine just now. Started bawling even as I read it aloud to my husband. I really am a big baby...)

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Megan said...

Yea! for the first day of school AND your success at the gym!

I bet the separation only made it sweeter when they got home, right? :)

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Hey Trish...glad you made it through the day and STILL WENT TO THE GYM! You're my hero!LOL!

You are too cute...most mom's would be crying because it took sooo long for school to start again!

Keep posting about your workouts and I'll post about mine...we'll hold each other accountable, K?!?

I walked and ran 1 man yesterday...talked to a friend I haven't seen in forever today so I guess that means two miles tomorrow to make up for it...UGH!

Anonymous said...

What a great "distraction" plan you have for when the kids are off to school. :)

Keep up the great work!

~Trish~ said...

Thanks girlies for all your comments :)

Karin - Thank YOU for the code stuff, I will be sure to try it!!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Gosh it is a bittersweet day isn't it??

Big hugs to you.