Friday, August 1, 2008

My Baby's Tootsies

As I was changing Miranda's bandages today I thought I'd snap a couple pictures. They aren't too horrible to look at but you've been warned! Gotta love the pink and blue toes :)

I noticed today she's got some bruises appearing now. She has a pretty nice one on her right hip and on her knees too. She is really getting around well and is constantly bugging me to go school clothes shopping! Gotta love the priorities!!!


LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

That just shows she is healing quickly...anyways you know how us girls need to shop to feel better!LOL!

Thanks for your comment about Elijah, it's SO WEIRD that both of our kids got hit! What are the odds?

Hope you had a great weekend!! How is it going to be Monday already?

Brad & Jess said...

For seriously! I thought that kids toe was blue before I noticed the nail polish comment! I was like, omg! how'd that happen?!

Poor roo, I hope she feels better soon.