Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Yard

So I bought my house a year ago...when I looked at it, the yard was one of the things that really caught my eye. Very nicely landscaped, lots of bushes and trees. Now that I've been here a year, um yea I'm tired of mowing around everything!!!

The previous owner had those curved landscape bricks EVERYWHERE!!! It was a big pain in my you know what to constantly mow around them! Besides that, it's a real pain to keep all the cute little areas clean of weeds and such. I just don't have time for that.
So today was the day I decided to pull up each and every one of those bricks. Holy cow...that was a job but even how crappy my yard looks now, it looks sooo much better! All the little holes are where the bricks were...ugh!

So besides the ton of bricks, there were random placed paver stones. Can't quite figure out the rhyme or reason for their placement in the middle of the yard but here is a sample of one.



Now I have this massive section to deal with next. I want to get rid of all of it. I'm sure some of you are thinking why in the world would I do that but I have kids and dogs, they need a yard of grass to play in don't ya think???
Front side and back side

A couple things I do like that I will either modify or keep are some large stones and a walking path. I want to take the mulch out and do some type of paver stones or stepping stones. The current mulch path goes from my deck to the shed then continues out to the sidewalk. It's a nice thing to have for the kids so that they aren't walking and riding their bikes in the grass. The big stones, well they are kinda cool so they can stay.

It was only about 100 degees biggie right? haha!! Oh well, I had a wild hair so I went with it. I'll be sure to take more pictures as things progress more :)


Anonymous said...

I love working in the yard.....when I have not (not for the past 2 years) and when its not 100 degrees outside. But I agree, I wouldn't have wanted those bricks in the middle of the yard either...fill it in with dirt....throw some grass seed out this year you won't even be able to tell!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Glad I'm not the only one that talks to my pets...although, I swear, they understand me!

Anonymous said...

I hate yard work and I rent a house that has a yard that didn't have anything but dirt in it and it took a lot to get grass and plants, but now it takes even more to maintain it!

Your garden does look lovely though!

Thanks for dropping by my blog.