Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wow, where has this week gone?

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Not that we have any exciting plans for the weekend or anything but I will be glad to accept the weekend soon! Actually this is the last weekend the pool is open so if it's nice out, I think we will hit the pool for the last time this year!

School went well for both kids. Kyler was happy he made it to and from each new class and didn't have any locker issues. He was even able to help some of his friends who were having locker issues. I told him not to be late to class because he was trying to help kids (I'm sure there was goofing around while trying to open them). He told me he was sitting by friends in almost every class. Make note of this post people when I say...I can predict this will become a problem in the coming months...LOL I know my son oh too well!! Miranda loved her class and teacher. She said she had a really great day. Whew...first day down without issues...well...

Last year they would get off the bus around 3:45 each day so I was hanging outside messing in the yard about that time. I see bus 25 come and kiddos to be found. Hmmmm, so I called Kyler and asked where he was and he said 'on the bus'. Ok so then I asked 'which bus Kyler' and he said 'bus 10, I saw Miranda on bus 10 so I thought I better get on the same bus as her'. Well kudos to him for wanting to stick with his sister but they both knew they ride bus 25...ugh!! He tried to assure me it goes right by our house so it was no biggie but I tried to assure him that they have different bus numbers because they go on different routes! Luckily I still had the paper so I found the bus routes and texted him telling him which corner to get off at and that they'd have about 4 blocks to walk. They strolled in about 4:35 complaining how hot the bus was blah blah blah. Um hello??? WHY were you on the wrong bus??? Miranda said her teacher told her she was to get on bus 10 so she did as she was told (thinking maybe there was a change or something). I wrote Miss Burke a note and sent it today that Miranda needs to be on bus 25. hehe

This morning I asked Miranda if she wanted me to walk her to the bus stop and she did so we got out there and met a new girl that was taking the bus for the first time. Her name was Sarah and she's in 8th grade so she and Miranda chit chatted while waiting a few minutes. Bus 25 came, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and off she went. WHEW, thankfully it was nothing like yesterday. Kyler hates riding the bus so we decided to do like we had done last year, I'd take him to school then I'd head to the gym (see by doing that, I am already out so I have no excuse not to go). As we are driving Kyler tells me he forgot to put on deoderant so I ask if he had gym today and he did so eweeeee we made a stop at WalMart and picked some up! He will need it for gym anyways. I had to laugh about it, my kid who is so concerned with how he looks and he forgot that of all things!!

Got the boy to school then I made my stop at the gym for another 30 minutes on the treadmill. I saw the elipticals staring at me so maybe I'll hit those tomorrow. I still need to figure out my new goal weight and when I want to hit it by. I'd say by Christmas but in reality, dieting between Thanksgiving and the first of the year is almost next to impossible so maybe I'll set my goal for Halloween and then take a little time off for the holidays and start up again after the first of the year. Who knows!!!

I have also been looking at cameras, I can't afford a high end dollar one but I can spend a good amount. I think I like the Cannon Rebel, anyone have any thoughts??? I'd love to hear what other people are using. I currently just have a Kodak Easy Share 10 MP point and shoot camera which is great, I really like it but I want something a little better for the kids activities and to be able to zoom in for better shots.


FatGirlsSkinny said...

I told you if you gave me Roo, these things wouldn't be a problem! ;)

trashalou said...

Me! ME! I have thoughts.

I have the Canon 350D (y'all call it a Rebel) and LOVE it! It is fabulous and worth all the money. I spoke with a few professional photographer friends and they said it is the best value for money entry level dSLR. If you have more to spend save ot for lenses.

*ahem* What I came to say was thanks for visiting today.

Anonymous said...

What I would do Is ask your PHOTOGRAPHER friend from kc...I bet he has ideas...

Nichole and Scott said...

While in school my biggest fear was always getting on the wrong bus. Not sure why but it was like if I got on the wrong bus I'd never again be found. It's funny that neither of them had a care in the world.

We are looking for a new camera too. The one we recently bought is making me nutty. My parent's swear by Cannon and the other night at Best Buy the salesmans said Cannon is the best choice as well. I asked him if he got kickbacks for selling them and he said, "No, I wish I did though." I am also considering a photography class.

Anonymous said...

My bus problem growing up was falling asleep. The bus driver would find me napping at the end of her route and have to drive me back.
Ugh! I'm sure I was not her favorite.

Congrats on keeping up with the exercising!