Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just like Sunday Morn'

Good morning!

It's been a really nice weekend so far. Friday night the kids and I went over to Randy's for pizza and to just hang out. The kids jumped on the tramp and played volleyball.

Saturday both kids asked to have friends spend the night so I caved. Miranda's friend Ashley got to our house about 11:30 and we all headed to the pool for a couple hours. The water was freeeeeeezing so we didn't last too long. Kyler's plans changed about five times but he ended up going over to Laike's house and those two along with three other boys went to the middle school dance that was being held. He also ended up just staying over at Laike's.

The girls had been walking around in the afternoon at the square and found out that there was going to be live music every Saturday night so we called Randy and his kiddos and we headed up there. The kids ran around like crazy while Randy and I parked our butts in chairs and talked to some friends. Living in a small town cracks me up sometimes LOL If you click the link for the square, you'll see the little gazebo, that's where they performed and lots of old folks and people (like us) just sat around listening. It was something nice to do and will be each Saturday night. Not next weekend though, that's the Roots Festival that is a blast every year! Jess and Brad are going to come down Friday night to go with us. I can't wait!!

Oh yea I was gonna work on my bathroom...forgot about that. Well I got it all swept out and decided how I was going to start the tile then I called Randy to go to the lumbar yard to get the wood...welp we got there and it was closed so now I have to wait til sometime next week to get it. So the most I can get done today is install the tile, which is my goal. The rest will have to come in the next week or so.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, I'm off to make cinnamon rolls for the girls :)


FatGirlsSkinny said...

Your so cute in your domesticity (sp?) :D I am so excited about Friday night! I can't wait to come out there.


wendy said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! Relaxing and entertaining without too much work! :)

Jenn said...

Found you through the Kansas link in the around the world linky thing ! Love the look of your blog!