Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Work is Blah

I feel lost not having checked out everyone's blogs yesterday not to mention even blogging myself!!! Work got the best of me and I knew if I stopped and even starting reading I'd be in trouble so I was a good girl and stayed away!! I will get caught up with everyone today though!!

Kyler started football practice yesterday and he was wore out! Two hours in the sun running and doing drills is tough! He's loving it though. His first game isn't until the first week of September so that means practice Mon-Fri until then!

Miranda is going to sign up for volleyball! I am so excited and proud of her!! She has never really shown interest in something so I am glad she is now. I am going to sign up as an assistant coach if they need one. I don't feel confident in being the main coach (although I have played sand volleyball while drinking beer with friends and have also been the team captain for many years) but I would love to help out.

Just wanted to do a quick blog....back to work and to blog reading when I can!!


Nichole and Scott said...

Work day blues. BLAH! I wish I could come to your house but I don't think I'd clean. I think I'd like to sit and chat instead. My dad is an International Volleyball Ref. He has done it since I was born. He even worked the Atlanta Olympics and I got to attend the Bronze, Silver, Gold VB matches and watch the Medal Ceremony. Very cool!

Andria said...

Hi. . thanks for your comments, just checking out your blog. LOVE the picture at the top. . can we go there, now? Work is so blah this week. Don't you hate when it distracts from blogland?!

FatGirlsSkinny said...

Yes, we all feel highly neglected missy! work, pfffft!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I know how you feel. The real world gets a bit busy sometimes and messes with our blog world. I'm behind as well...so forgive me too!!!