Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have a TEAM!!!

Tonight was the big draft night...dum dum duuuuuuuum *dramatic music*

Miranda had gone through her yearbook last night and narrowed it down to six little girls she would like for me to pick. Wasn't that nice of her? It was me and six other coaches for the 3rd/4th grade draft. I picked #3, right in the middle. In the first round you got to pick your kid and then two other choices. Would you believe #1 and #2 picked four out of the six girls from Miranda's list???? Sheesh! So at least she got two of her choices right?? After that I didn't really care because I really didn't know any of the other names so I was looking at what grade the girl was in and what size shirt they ordered. I know, some selection criteria huh?

Oh the other fun pick we had to do was to pick our team name aka color of shirt. In past years they had really bright cute little girlie color shirts - bright green, light pink, light blue etc etc. Not this year, they decided to go with the standard league teams/colors which are that of the Big 12 Tournament. Hmmm no girlie colors there so I did the next best thing and picked to be the Missouri Tigers because they are yellow and black which just happen to be our Paola Panther school colors!!! Thank you thank you...I did good, Miranda even thought so! Of course when I called Miranda to tell her who I got for the team, her first question was...are we the pink team? Then I had to explain it and she was good with it.

I got home and called the parents of all 6 of my little girls and they were happy to hear from me, especially Miranda's two friends. One more week til game time!! The season starts on Sept 6th and runs through Oct 25, then there is a tournament that last weekend. Games are every Saturday morning.

My one dilema is...who am I going to teach how to use my brand new camera to take pictures of the first sport my daughter has ever played since I won't be able to????? ARG!!!


Wep said...

Ugh I just had gym class flashbacks with the whole picking a team thing. I got red sneakers in 7th grade thinking I was hot stuff only to be called RED SHOES for the next year by the bad Burt Reynold's lookalike gym teacher.

But regardless of my own childhood trama, GO TEAM!

~Trish~ said...

That's so funny you say that because I was teasing Miranda saying since I don't really know the kids, I thought they should bring them in, line them up, and we can pick them that way *giggle* I do have to admit when I got home I grabbed her yearbook to check out my team! LOL

Frizzy and Bird said...

Go Tigers Go!!! The High School I went to had the tigers as a mascot. I didn't go to MU but if I'd have had to choose between them and KU I'd have chosen MU all the way. Great job mom!

What a fun night. I'm glad everyone is happy. I wish I lived closer, I'd be happy to take the pics for you.

FatGirlsSkinny said...

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I will come and see you and snap pix! I was already thinkin' of offering it up earlier. Of course, it was mainly to get my hands on your sexy piece of equipment again. I mean! er, the camera of course!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Thanks for stopping by and how cool that you know about No Place. I wonder if we have bumped into each other or danced together (so to speak) at some time or another. I also used to go to the bar at Independence center when there was one and downtown KC. I can't recall their names though. Do you know what ones I'm talking about?

Tamie said...

what fun for you...what are you "coaching" with your daughter and said friends?
well...sorry to hear that you've been transplated from Colorado to Kansas...though i have lived in kansas before as well, and it has its own beauty, charm and grace (just no mountains...but we'll over look that point and still be happy about the flatlands!)
tahnks for stopping by my place yesterday, it was great to see you!

Anonymous said...

Good job!

Uh, you pick the hot single dad that is there cheering on his daughter to use your camera!!!!

Tamie said...

good luck, seriously with the coaching, i take it that you've done this before...?
well have fun regarldess and try to instill a love of the game and not just winning the game (i[m sure you will) i'm just not competitive enough for sports, it just don't care if we win...not great when most people think that their life has ended if they loose a game...sigh