Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday to all!! I stole this from Hot Tub Lizzy because I thought it was cute and cleaver so here is my attempt at it!!

I AM ... so glad it's already Friday!

I WANT... to wiggle my nose and have all this documentation I need to do be already done.

I HAVE ... the best friends.

I WISH I COULD ... buy that new camera I really want.

I HATE ... having hard wood floors and doggies who shed.

I FEAR ... my children getting hurt (again? let's hope not).

I HEAR ... the doggies snoring.

I SEARCH ... for things to make my life easier.

I DON'T THINK ... people really think before they speak sometimes.

I REGRET ... not doing some work last night.

I LOVE ... my kids, my friends, my doggies, and my family.

I ACHE FOR ... 20 lbs to be gone!

I ALWAYS CRY ... when I watch 'Serendipity'

I AM NOT ... a smoker!

I DANCE ... not nearly as much as I used to.

I SING ... occasionally, especially to embarrass the kiddos.

I NEVER ... LMAO ok this just reminded me of a drinking game called 'I Never' therefore I refuse to answer hahahahaha

I RARELY ... express my feelings like I should.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... again, 'Serendipity'

I AM NOT ALWAYS ... as happy as I appear to be.

I HATE THAT ... I don't see my old co-workers anymore. I miss those girls!

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT ... what to do with my yard.

I NEED ... to be working :)

I SHOULD ... finish this blog then work LOL


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Cute list! I'm honored to be stolen from :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Candid Carrie said...

Hi, you popped over and asked, so I popped over to answer. The dealio with Fridays is peeps post there favorite picture, talk about it, and I link it inside my post and (they link back to me) people go down the line and check out everybody's favorite pictures. No gimmick, no themes, just pictures and fun and traffic. Anyone can play, just send an email wit a link. I couldn't find your email address anywhere or I would have addressed your question that route !

FatGirlsSkinny said...

hey! I stole this :D

love you!


wendy said...

What a FABULOUS idea! I may have to steal it someday. :) I loved learning about you.